Thursday, June 06, 2013

This is Not a Pair of Boots

So... the fridge freezer blew up last night.
The Boy said he saw the flash from upstairs.
The new one arrives on Monday.
Meantime I am seeking to re-home several slabs of venison... and new boots are probably not in the budget!
Ah well, at least the new appliance is energy efficient, unlike the (very) old one.
C'est la vie.


Jane said...

How sad. We had the same thing happen to us just before Christmas. Our new fridge is much better than the old.....but a pair of boots would have been even better

azterya said...

Doh, our washing machine is being replaced - no dramatics though just no washing.

Seraphinalina said...

You aren't kidding when you said blew up, the boy saw a flash? Crazy.
New appliances can be their own kind of excitement.

LinB said...

Oh, pooh. I had to spend my Christmas gift check from my parents on a used clothes dryer, once. Silly husband doesn't like it when I dry his undergarments on the line with the rest of the wash. Come to think of it, it was he who took my check away and gave it to the appliance man ... ah, well. Such is life. He has compensatory graces. Maybe it will warm up enough this summer that you can forego shoes altogether!

MaryinTN said...

Wow, that must have been some excitement for your son. Last month we had a plastic bag somehow melt itself onto the fridge light. Did it of its own accord apparently. Every time the door was opened I had visions of flames bursting forth. LOL. This weekend the replacement light bulb was finally installed and the flame fairy finally banished. Appliances are such fun, aren't they. I hope you enjoy the energy efficient replacement. Wish ours was more energy efficient.