Monday, July 22, 2013

Instructions for a Heatwave

Not a beach - we have sandy soil!
So... on Friday FL went out on the golf course in the blazing sun.
He wasn't feeling very well when he set out, so he decided "it was best" not to eat or drink anything all day.
He figured that as he was sitting in a motorised buggy (hired by his pal with the dodgy knees), he wouldn't be exerting himself much if he climbed out at each hole, hit the ball, and climbed back in again after his shot.
I think we all can guess what happened next.
Barley, thistles, willowherb, hedge parsley
After 8 holes, he gave up and stayed in the buggy... in the sun... without any water or hat or suncream.
Don't forget he has not played golf for the best part of a year.  He can barely walk from the car to the house without stumbling these days.  It was his last chance to play with his pal before he headed back south, after a week of being sensible and waiting in the clubhouse for the guys to finish their game.  And not even drinking beer.  How sensible can you get?!
By the time he got home that night, he was dazed and confused.  I don't know how he drove the car, I really don't.
And yes, he had arranged for his pals to come for a bbq that very evening.
So at least there was a big strong male there to catch him when he almost fell headfirst into the fire.
I administered a pint of water and a peach.  Because I didn't know what else to do.
How much willowherb do you want, exactly?
It was not exactly a wild party, as you can imagine. As soon as his pals had gone, FL went to bed.   He slept all day Saturday and most of Sunday.  I made him drink a glass of water every time he woke up, but he wasn't hungry until Sunday night, when he asked me to make a curry.  Yeah.  Not clever.
Sunday night was a riot of D&V.
Monday morning ditto.
Me?  Call me Matron.  But I am a terrible nurse.  I kept having to run outside to breathe the fresh air...
So I didn't make it to the office today.
I was too busy scrubbing floors and boil-washing FL's clothes.

Which is how I managed to destroy his slippers.  I have a plan, though ;)
By late afternoon, he was able to manage a piece of dry toast in the shade.
And I had pulled myself together sufficiently to pick up my knitting and collect my library book:  "Instructions for a Heatwave".  Ha!

Let this be a warning to you all:
Water is your friend.
Sunshine is your enemy.
Stay in the shade.
Stay hydrated.
Listen to your wife!

A Public Service Announcement, brought to you by FL and Roo.


RebeccaHoward said...

OMG. Lucky that wasn't in Australia otherwise the consequences would have been more serious. He is very stubborn isn't he? Keep up the water for a while would be my suggestion, but I'm no doctor! In Australia we have adds about checking urine output (sorry yucky I know) but if you are well hydrated your urine should be very pale yellow, almost colourless.

toboldlysew said...

Men! They won't be told sometimes. Hope he's feeling better. Enjoy the book- I had it from the library a couple of months ago, loved it!

Sabs said...

Please pass this message on to FL: Women are always right. End of.

Hope he gets better soon and you get a break from cleaning up...

LLBB said...

All good tips ;)

Jodie said...

Oh MY! Not fun times for either of you. Hope he's feeling better soon and the clean up stops. If you're concerned about dehydration, one of those sport drinks (like Gatorade), diluted half with water might also be good to drink (if he'll agree).
Hang in!

MaryinTN said...

Oh Roo! What a nightmare of a weekend! The illnesses and deaths due to the extreme heat in the UK this past week have been in the news here.... I am so glad FL is feeling better but he really needs to pay attention to hydration. Those who have had heat stress in the past tend to be more sensitive to heat in the future. I sure hope he listens to your advice on this one as heat is a real killer.
In our household we take something called "switchell" (here in the mountains)when we want to quickly rehydrate. Its just a glass of water containing a little salt, plus 3 TSP local honey to 1 TSP of apple cider vinegar (not white vinegar). Supposedly it replenishes lost electrolytes. Granddad kept a big bottle of it in the cabinet with other medicinals and my Granny swears by it for body cramps. I've used it for leg cramps mostly. It is acidic, but might be gentler on tooth enamel than sports drinks. They have a real scary poster on the effects of sports drinks on display at the local dental hygienist school this past week.

Love the flower photos!

tingledfangers said...

oh, dear, horrid weekend. Well done, you. I second what Rebecca said - check colour of output as indicator of state of hydration. As well as ads telling us that, we have here a mantra of slip, slop, slap (to which in recent years has been added wrap) - that is, slip on a shirt, slop on some 30+ sunscreen and slap on a hat (and wrap on a pair of sunglasses). Sometimes instead of wrap you'll see seek - as in seek shade - and slide - as in slide on some sunglasses. Wherever in the world you are, it's a really good plan and particularly in countries where long stretches of lots of sunshine are unusual. But you know all this already, I'm sure. Maybe FL could do with a refresher course. :)

Donna Hensley said...

Aye, aye, aye! I'm glad you all came out the other side relatively unscathed!

velosewer said...

Thankfully only the slippers were ruined. You did the best that you could out of love.
I hope the rest of the week is better.

christinelaennec said...

Heavens! I'm so sorry to hear this. I'm sure you were an excellent nurse, and I'm very relieved FL is better. Look after yourself, you must be exhausted.

clippedcurves said...

Ooo you poor thing you must have been terribly worried and now completely worn out.

Susie Hemingway said...

Oh dear being a nurse is hard at the best of times but when it is so very hot - not good! Glad to know all is well now and that life continues a pace. x

Nicki said...

Oh dear how awful, I could sob for you both :o( Wives and mothers, always right...when will they learn?

ravelledsleeve said...

Oh no! I'm glad he's on the mend, at least - I have had mild heatstroke before now and it was very unpleasant, and this sounds like a really bad case.

sulkycat said...

Salt and sugar in water - works wonders. Those poor slippers! I hope you are both fettled soon, that must have been a worry for you Roo. Naughty FL! (I love how innocent he looks in the photo)

Seraphinalina said...

My husband does stupid things like that too. On weekends he will "forget" to eat breakfast and then complain he's dizzy at 2pm.