Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Knitterly Inspirations abound

Shamble, shamble, shamble... here comes a sheepy-faced Roo!
Did I sound a bit moany yesterday?  Sorry! I was just letting off steam.  You knew that, right?
Thank you for your kind and understanding comments!  Mothers, eh?  Who would have them? 

You will be rewarded with happy knitting pictures! :D

I finished the back of my Learn to Knit, Love to Knit cardigan, and it is looking very lovely.  The sleeves have a totally different cable pattern down them, so it will almost be like knitting a different cardigan - that should keep boredom at bay!  I love the colour.  It is an improbably willow-pattern blue.  I need to find out how to add the pattern to Ravelry, as I can't be the only person knitting it, and comradeship is a very fine thing.
The back, not a sleeve.  Hmmm... looks narrow!

I have cast on and knitted up a serious chunk of sock 2 of my Chelsea Morning socks, which you may remember are made out of Sock Hop in the Mellow Yellow colour.  These got a lot of attention through the last evening of Glastonbury coverage on BBC 3.  Lianne La Havas - bliss!  The XX... crikey.  How black can it get?  I loved their clouds.  Oh wow, Glastonbury lighting effects!  In another life, I would have designed those.
My Glastonbury knitting nest :D
Back in the real world, my knitting podcast viewing has soared too. This has had the lucky side effect of inspiring me to move more as well as to knit more.  My favourite podcasters all seem to be fit!  I raced the dog down the 9-acre field and back 4 times at the weekend.  How many k is that?!  Not many. (Ha!  I tried to calculate it, but acres are a measurement of area - I need the length of the field, not its area.) But it makes up for some of my sofa-sitting.  FL was grudgingly impressed that I was at least trying to be fitter.  I avoid doing it when he is around as he gets depressed that he can't join in.  It's just me and the dog.  We are a serious threat to the tranquillity around us:  deer, rabbits, pheasants?  Run!  All of you!

Tin Can Knits' Antler Cardigan from the Ravelry page
Where was I?  Oh yes - knitterly inspirations.  I am becoming obsessive about the Antler Cardigan by TinCan Knits.  Although I recognise I am being sucked in by The Latest Thing, it does actually look like the kind of cardigan I would wear anyway, even if all the cool kids were not making it.  I wonder if I have enough Teos Handspun for this project?  I have 375g and is about a dk-thickness...  that's not enough is it?  Not unless I am knitting it for a toddler.  Stripes?  No.  More thinking required.
Zahara from the Ravelry page

I am still on the look-out for a pattern to knit up my Yarn Pony haul.  I spotted a zig-zag striped cardi in the Fall 2013 Knitscene preview, the Zahara cardigan.  I wonder if I would have enough yarn if I knitted it shorter and with 3 colours instead of 2? Or am I deluding myself about yardage again? This is why I knit socks!
And then... yesterday... I stumbled upon the designs of Isabell Kraemer (lilalu) on Ravelry... oooh!  Lots of vaguely-1970's stripey / textured goodness!  She has a new pattern  Marsa-alam which looks very promising, but there is also Paulie, which thousands of Ravellers have faved (and thousands of Ravellers can't be wrong!).
Picture from the Ravelry pattern page:  Marsa Alam
I have been scouring her blog, OwlSisters aka Grasflecken, for all the woolly loveliness.  I am somewhat smitten by the two-colour Emerald, which has that shetland-y old-fashioned comfort-knitting look to it.  Mmmmm.  But I have surprised myself by loving Sunny Side Up, in the long-sleeved version.  And goodness me, there's Chalkstone too...
Lilalu's Funky Grandpa cardi from her Ravelry page
I think a large part of my "problem" with these designs (i.e. the root of my obsession) is that Isabell chooses such lovely yarns and colourways.  She could knit a stockinette bin-bag in those fabrics and I would be smitten!  Her test-knits for LaMaisonRililie are equally compelling:  look at Funky Grandpa!  Oh yeah - I want one of those!  In fact, just give me her entire output on Ravelry, please!  She is my new imaginary-knit-twin-friend! ; )
Picture borrowed from Ravelry - Budleigh socks

Back in the real world... I am, of course, planning my next pair of Rachel Coopey socks.  I don't think I can resist Budleigh much longer!  And... Breaking News:  the Willowherbs I knitted for Christine won the June KAL in the Coopknits group - yaaaay!  I won some Yarn Yard yarn!  FL may have snorted something along the lines of "More wool?!". Heh heh heh.  You better believe it, babes! ; )


Ruth said...

I love your knitting. And I'm a bit jealous of your knitterly productivity, but as an (ex-)Raveller may I say that thousands of knitters CAN be wrong. I think people who sew tend to be much more conscious of various elements of fit than most knitters are. Also, for me, effective use of time comes into it.

I used to look at many if the most popular patterns on Rav and think, "but it doesn't actually FIT anyone" or "why would I spend weeks knitting plain stockinette when a machine knits stockinette better?" and "why is the supposed-to-be-straight button band scalloped so badly, even in the designer's photo?"

Ravelry has "crazes" and "cliques" as well as great patterns. But thousands of knitters certainly can be wrong.

Nicki said...

I love that Antler pattern. It reminds me a bit of the cardi the teacher wore in MadMen SO3. I am new to productive knitting and REALLY want to start a jumper/cardi. Trouble is I don't think I am technically ready however desperately I want to try!

Gail said...

You've completely altered my plans for the day. Instead of painting my ceiling, I will now be going up to my LYS to buy this Knitscene issue!!

flossieft said...

Your knitting is an absolute inspiration. I just cast on my first pair of basic socks. Hopefully One day I can create something as beautiful as yourself.

Spikeabell said...

Hey Roo,

Craftsy have a Stephen west 'Shawlscape' course on discount. You are probably way past that kind of level, but thought you may be interested.

I haven't dared to knit socks yet, love yours.


Where the nodding violets grow said...

Hi Roo. I test knitted chalkstone for lilalu (grasflecken). I can't recommend it highly enough. It is a really well written pattern.

I know exactly what you mean about her knits. She knits patterns that I wouldn't have dreamed of knitting and yet they look great.

Scruffybadger said...

Pathological urge to knit some of these stripe lovelies. Thank you do much for continuing to enrich my knitting ( and clearly sewing ) horizons!
And I ve just caught up on your rant....maybe you could shift how you hear it so it doesn't mean the same to you and then it won't bother you. I know, easier said than done.:-)