Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Just for a moment there, it was “too hot” in Aberdeen.
But fear not, we were back to 12 degrees today and I regretted my toes-out shoes, brought out for the first time in two years.  But all weekend, and on the local holiday Monday, it was warm enough to sit in the garden.  Imagine!  I have continued to plug away at the weeding, an hour a day.  Ironically, the best-looking bit of the patch is the lush and green shaded area which I haven’t reached yet.  The foxgloves are beginning to bloom, and self-seeded borage is popping up all over the place.  The sandy slopes are still rather bleak, but the lavender is surviving.  None of the seeds I threw in the gaps have made an appearance yet.
I started a new pair of socks for the Waiting Room.  I knew I wouldn’t enjoy the smell of steaming sheep if I took my Ronaes shawl along.  Good decision!  The 10.15 appointment time meant we were seen at 12.45.  And it was like a sauna in there.
These are the Wallace socks by Rachel Coopey.  Originally a Knitting Goddess sock club pattern, it is now available to buy through Ravelry.  I had been waiting for it to be released, because it struck me as being fun but manly.  As much as I love the socks in the CoopKnits book, none of them looks particularly man-friendly.  I started sock one at the weekend, without a printed copy of the pattern.  I tried to transcribe the chart into words so I could sit outside.  Ha!  My dyslexic tendencies led to me twisting the cable the wrong way on each repeat of the cuff chart.  I didn’t realise until I came to work sock two (I am knitting them two-at-a-time, section by section).
I showed FL.  He still can’t see what’s wrong with sock one (on the right), despite me pointing it out.  So guess whose socks these are going to be?!  I hinted that they were for him, but he doesn’t believe me.  The colour has thrown him off the scent.  They are very very red.  Had you noticed?  But his sock drawer needs brightening up ;)  Unbelievably, he ran out of hand-knit socks at the weekend.  There have been a couple of shrinking / felting incidents lately, as well as a swollen-ankle situation which limits the number of pairs which fit him.  Unless I keep up with the washing, he has to resort to ugly terry sports socks – noooo!
The wool is Yarn Yard Toddy, a 75 wool / 25 nylon mix.  Good, sturdy man-sock material!  If you look closely, there is some slight variation in the colour, but at heart it is a simple red.  I thought it was about time I knitted up some of my Yarn Yard stash.  Since joining the Small Skein Society, it grew beyond expectations.  This was not supposed to happen.  A single skein is perfect for fingerless gloves, but if you want socks, you need more yarn.  So I found myself buying additional contrasting skeins to make up sock-appropriate numbers – oops!  So I have withdrawn from the Society.  I haven’t used any of the club yarns and I was starting to feel overwhelmed.
I have a half-hatched plan to design some mitts to use at least three of the SSS skeins.  Believe that when you see it.
I received a skein of very bright green Toddy through the club.  I plan to use it for black and green colour-work socks:  Space Invaders or similar.  And my prize in the CoopKnits KAL was two skeins of Toddy in the most delicious purple / blue mix – ooh!  I must knit with that soon!
Oh - and I have been reading a lot too!  Code Name Verity was too visceral for me. I had to stop reading it.  Yes I am a wimp.  Now I am deeply immersed in Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld.  I loved Prep.  I liked American Wife.  Sisterland has mixed reviews but I am comfortable with her style of writing.  I could read books like this all the time.  Write more, please!


Colleen said...

Ooooh, I loved "Prep" and also liked her two other books. I had NO idea that she had another book out. Thanks so much for telling me. I actually read her first book twice.

That purple yarn is absolutely bewitching. I love FL's hat, too.

argie said...

I'm not surprised you didn't finish Code Name Verity...I didn't think it really matched up with what you said you were looking for in a book. It's brutal! I know it has a lot of fans, but I didn't care for it so much myself.

I loved Prep too, and in general really like Curtis Sittenfeld. I'm on the library list for Sisterland but my turn hasn't come up yet...

I haven't finished this book so I can't truly fully recommend it yet, but I'm reading The Humans by Matt Haig and am finding it very charming so far. Maybe it will be more what you're looking for!

argie said...

A couple more suggestions...trying to avoid anything too dark...

If You Follow Me by Malena Watrous

Secrets To Happiness by Sarah Dunn

MaryinTN said...

I started to read Code Name Verity and had to put it down also. It was just too raw for me this week. Have you read Debbie Macomber's "The Shop on Blossom Street" and "A Good Yarn" yet? They are upbeat (for the most part) and fairly light reading, not to mention the setting being a location most knitters would enjoy! Love the Toddy in the blue/purple mix.

Spikeabell said...

On the yarn front I have recently come across Miss Babs Absolutely gorgeous colourways I just want to grab them and hug them (I knit and crochet because I love yarn!) her babettes (unrepeatable dyeblends)are awesome. The only bad thing is the postage from the states is really expensive.