Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This is not a health blog, but...

Thank you everyone for your wise words on hydration.
I particularly liked the home-brew recipe from Mary in TN for a rehydrating drink containing salt, honey and vinegar.  Clever!  I actually purchased some Oral Rehydration Salts (tablets you dissolve in water) and made him drink a single glass.  I was afraid to give him more than that because the label said they were not suitable for people with kidney trouble.  But lots of his medicines say that and he still has to take them, so I thought a single dose was worth the risk.
He is very much better, but extremely tired and low.  He was coughing all night, which worries me. 
This is not helped by the prospect of yet another close-family funeral next week.
There are only two men of that generation left now and he says it is his turn next.  BIG HUGE SIGH.
He doesn't feel well enough to drive to the funeral and it is being held on the day I am due to travel south by train to meet my daughter for our mini-break.  So I have rearranged my travel so we can both go to the funeral and on to the "reception" and then I will travel onwards to meet The Girl, leaving him with assorted relatives for the afternoon. I have found him a hotel near the reception for the night and written out details of how to get from the hotel to the station for his return journey on his own.  But it involves a 6 minute walk to the bus stop and I have my doubts about him managing that.  A taxi?  Well, wouldn't you think so! (Did I say stubborn?)
I can only hope he will give in and allow a cousin to either drive him all the way home (which is reasonable since at least three half-empty 4x4 cars will be heading to the funeral  from this area) or at least to the station in the morning.  I am actually writing this in the hope that one of them is stalking my blog.  You never know, now that they have traced my email address. (Wry smile.)
His unwillingness to drive comes as quite a shock.  FL always tells me he loves driving and needs the independence of having his own car in such situations, so he can get away when he has had enough.  So for him to travel by train...?  Unheard of.  I just hope he manages to negotiate the change at Dundee.  Maybe I should ask my son to meet him off train one and put him on train two?  Or am I  being too much of a mother?!  Maybe the challenge will be good for him!
So I will write it all out, with maps and times and bus numbers.  I will make two copies and put one in his pocket and one in his bag.  Because he is likely to lose his jacket or his bag, but hopefully won't lose both.  I can't say this will be the most relaxing start to my holiday!  I am looking forward to a text message that says: "Home safe"!
There.  Got that off my chest.
Thank you for listening!
Knitting next time - I have a very sheepy shawl to block tonight!


Colleen said...

Oh, Roo, Sometimes it helps to get all the worrisome details off your heart. Now, I hope he'll get a ride there and back and that you can have a troublefree mini-break. His reluctance to drive can be temporary and can mean that he knows it's been extremely hot weather and just doesn't feel well. He'll be fine and if something happens en route, the universe of loving strangers will provide.

MaryinTN said...

Men can be such prideful creatures, especially when they are feeling ill. Might want to ask your son to meet him and take him to and from the funeral. It would be a young man that FL knows and loves, and would ease everyone's mind. Or maybe prearrange for a taxi to meet him. He is coming off being overheated and dehydrated, so its that much more important to set aside pride and accept the assistance of others. Hang in there!

LinB said...

We're always here, always willing to listen, always ready to support you in whatever decision you make. I'd give your son a buzz, my ownself, both for FL's safety and for your own peace of mind. It's not as if you're calling in The Old People Police -- you're looking out for the welfare and comfort of a loved one.

Amy said...

I can only offer you sympathy. My father has multiple myeloma as well, and is just as stubborn as your FL sounds. It's hard not to worry.

Jodie said...

Oh that is such a worry. Especially with you away with your daughter. Your plans sound good, but I too would be tempted to give your son a call (and perhaps someone that will be attending the funeral as well) to just be aware and perhaps "more present" if support is needed.
I too would be waiting on pins and needles for the "home safe" text.
I hope all works out and that you enjoy your time with your daughter.

Linda C said...

I agree - call your son. Maybe he can make Fl feel like his company was wanted by your son and he (the son) enjoyed the chance to be together, even at such a sad occasion. Or I agree, call one of the relatives, if you are close enough to any of them, and ask for their help. Could one just call, "out of the blue", and ask him to ride with them to the funeral?

I hope so, for his sake and for your sake. I am sure you are concerned. I get concerned (and I have no problems, compared to yours) when my husband remarks bout having a "funny turn" at the dentist and when I ask if he mentioned it, said no because he could not, and he didn't understand what they were saying. Damn these independent men, right?

Good trip, and I'll think of you and FL.


acharmofmagpies said...

Oh Roo, what a stressful and worrisome few days you've had, and it didn't sound like this is making it easier. I knit this is a few days out of date and I'm sure I'll catch up and read the update soon, but just wanted to let you know that my thoughts are with you.