Sunday, August 18, 2013

FO: The Grin Up North Hoodie, New Look 6947

You've heard the saying "It's grim up North" haven't you?
I don't subscribe to that point of view, when it comes to Yorkshire.  Inspired by my trip to Hebden Bridge, this is my GRIN up North hoodie!
The original inspiration was the jacket worn by the main character in The East (which I went to see on holiday in HB).  Hers was clearly "just"  a black sweatshirt with a piece of vintage lace stitched around the edge of the hood.

The East (film) hoodie

 I was immediately reminded of the gorgeous creations of Zorya of AnaisShop on Etsy.  I have hankered after one of her hand-crocheted-lace-trim tops for a very long time. The Rus Hoodie (it even has my name!) is a favourite.

Anais Shop Rus Hoodie
My original plan was to use the leftover broderie from my Betsey Johnson prairie skirt to trim the hood of a plain hoodie, and leave it at that.

But you know how it is...

I got out my recent Zara sale bargain linen jersey "top" and started fiddling around, trying to fit the pattern pieces onto the available fabric.  Despite the enormity of the original top, there was nowhere near enough yardage for a hood and sleeves and a back and two fronts.  I might have squeezed a plain cardigan out of it, but not a hoodie.
So then I hit upon the idea of making the whole hood out of broderie - ooh!

But there was still a fabric shortage.
After a bit of finagling, I realised I could make the hood, lower back, front facings and pockets out of broderie, and everything else out of jersey.
So I did.
But it was looking awfully "patchworky" and I really didn't think I would wear it.  It was too... bright.
The original inspiration was kinda grungy and dark.  This was like something a Holly Hobbie fan might wear.  No.  Just no.
So I ordered some black dye, thinking I would dip-dye it.
But reading the dye instructions, I couldn't see how that would work.  I had to stir it for 30 minutes.  I couldn't imagine controlling the stripe for that long.  So took the plunge and dyed the whole garment.
I fully expected a solid black hoodie.  So much for a cream lace trim, eh?!
I dyed a silk shirt for The Girl at the same time.  The shirt came out a rich velvet-y black - perfect! (It was light blue and she had never worn it.)
My hoodie was black too, until I rinsed it in the washing machine.
When I went to get it out, the colour had mellowed.  Ooh!

I have a midnight blue-and-taupey-chocolate hoodie!  YAY!
It is so much better than plain black!
I love this colour combination!

Pattern:  New Look 6947 from about 1998. My note in the pattern envelope says I made the trousers 6 times in size 12! I made the jacket in size 8Crumbs.  I shrank!

Fabric:  One over-sized pure linen jersey tee / dress from Zara sale, £5.  Remnant of vintage broderie anglaise from ebay (leftover from my skirt).

Other:  One cardboard packet of Rit dye (about £3 from ebay), and a cup of salt as fixative.
I bought a black zip but haven't put it in yet as it feels too heavy for the lightweight linen jersey.  As this is a summer-weight garment, it doesn't really need a fastening.

An unexpected "woo-hoo!"
It is not at all what I was aiming for, but I love how it has turned out.
It's a weekending garment - an extra layer to pop on if I need to drive to the shop (7 miles) for the Sunday paper.  Good enough to be seen out in, and funky enough to make me smile!


Rachael said...

Excellent, it really suits you!

Maureen said...

It's gorgeous!

rachsews said...

Love it - and it is very Hebden Bridge!

opportunityknits said...

This is such a cool hoodie, you are absolutely right, it's way better than plain black. One of these days, I'll pluck up the courage to dye something.
Also love how you married the lace with the linen jersey. Brilliant solution that turned out fabulous!

ravelledsleeve said...

That looks fabulous!

auchenshugglegranny said...

utterley stunning

mumasu said...

Absolutly fantastic. Suits you a T:)

Fiona said...

That worked out so beautifully!

Jenn C said...

Looks awesome!

poppyinstitches said...

looks brilliant!!

Karen Sasinowski said...

I love the way your hoodie came out!! Great job.

christinelaennec said...

You're a genius, Roobeedoo!

Stevie said...

Thats so worth the messing about Roo! I love the idea of the lace. Its so unique and a perfect layer in this in between weather! x

Lynne said...

That's gorgeous! For a second I thought it was knitted, and I was thinking "How did you make it so quickly?"!

Jenni said...

Really great top! Glad it turned out so well.

Joan said...

I think it's the coolest thing you've ever made!

Juliet said...

This is fantastic, I love the look!

Juliet said...

This is fantastic, I love the look!

MaryinTN said...

Totally awesome hoodie! I love the way it turned out.

Linda C said...

That is beautiful. It is amazing how the black dye came out as two different colors which are so compatible . I love clothes that make me smile, and I see you do too.
Well done indeed.


Scruffybadger said...

Inspirational!! I love the notes and pics you took along the way. It looks superb- very designer in the best way.

Alison C said...

It really is so nice after you died it. Wonderful idea. Keep up the seeing and knitting, I really love to see what you have made. It's inspiring!

Mary said...

love this, love the prairie skirt. Your adorable boots are on sale at Brand Boudoir.

jessica said...

Ah, Roo, I really like this! Dying it was so inspired - especially love the colors that resulted, and the mix of linen knit and broderie. So you, so perfect for layering and feeling quirky and fun and smart at the same time. Also, love those socks! I really want to knit myself a pair ... now ... to find the right yarn combination :-).

By the by - apologies in the long delay, photos have been snapped, just have to wrestle them from my brother's camera!

Twelfthknit said...

Love it

acharmofmagpies said...

Ahh, I love it when serendipity gives us something marvellous. And this really is marvellous! Stylish, clever, and Roo!

Ms Goodenough said...

I hope you realise how talented you are. Some amazing makes and this is genius! Wow.