Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We are in the Shrubbery

If you are reading this, FL, Hero and I have successfully escaped from hospital appointments to spend a week on the west coast in a remote cottage, complete with shrubbery.
FL will be working on his book.
I will be knitting!
We have no internet access for the week, so you will just have to cope without me ;)
Back soon!


LinB said...

Oh, I'm so happy you found a spot to nest for the vacation! We'll miss you while you're gone.

MaryinTN said...

Hope you and FL have a fantastic vacation!

Linda C said...

Have a wonderful peaceful refreshing vacation. What's on the needles? Socks? Sweater? Shawl? Hat? You can surprise us with something new and waerable.


sulkycat said...

I hope you have packed two coconut halves and a herring. Have a lovely holibob.