Friday, September 06, 2013

A New Rhythm

FL had his first blood transfusion yesterday and is now all pink and perky! :)
His next scheduled hospital appointment is on 17 September, when we expect to find out the type and percentage of acute leukemia in his body. The doctors reckon the transfusion should keep him going for at least two weeks. So instead of a monthly hospital appointment, it will be at least once a fortnight. So that's our new rhythm set.
Off we go.
He is strangely chipper. I don't know why that surprises me - he was never one to let a devastating diagnosis get him down! I think it helps him to know that he wasn't just making it up when he said he felt bad, and the doctors said: "Really? But your myeloma is under control! You shouldn't feel bad!" Ha!
He is attacking his book-writing with a whole new sense of urgency. For the moment, this does not involve me in transcribing the gazillion handwritten notebooks that litter the house, but I know that time is approaching fast.
Meantime, I am preparing to batten down the hatches for the incoming storm.
If ever there was a time for me to find my own equilibrium, it is now. If I was a religious person I would probably be praying a lot and lighting candles.
But I am not.
So I am knitting and decluttering and trying to eat healthy food and get more active.
Don't worry - I am not heading into a hyperactive frenzy of displacement activity! I have those tendencies, but I am not there yet!
I am very much taken with the idea of this 10-day challenge, over on the Be More With less blog. Shape Up. Pare Down. Tune In. Sounds good to me!
I have not yet identified my goals. That's a job for the weekend.
Other plans for the next two days include: sewing a 1960's top for autumn; finishing sleeve one of my cardigan; enjoying the fact that I have functioning electrical sockets on both sides of the ground floor for the first time in 3 months - woo hoo!
Imagine the excitement of boiling a kettle at the same time as watching tv! ;)
Let me leave you with a photo of my new self-indulgent necklace purchase from Silly Old Suitcase at Etsy..
Pardon the crosses and stars.
FL will not be impressed!


LinB said...

Ah, dearie, a new schedule is always anxiety-inducing. Those of us who ARE religious will pray for you and FL, so that you won't have to, lol. You have more than enough on your plate already.

And as for the crosses on your necklace, the cross is one of the five symbols that are universal across time and human cultures: square, triangle, circle, cross, spiral. They do not necessarily denote Christianity. Comfort thyself with that little bit of trivia from art history.

Lorna A said...

I have been so lax in my blog reading that I am what feels like a lifetime late in commenting. We are both so sorry to read about FL and of course feel completely at a loss for words. I only know that if I was in your situation I'd be busy collecting even more stuff not clearing.

We don't pray either. X X X

Juliet said...

I am so sorry to hear of the battle you are facing. I know just how hard it is to face a mountain like yours and the only advice I can offer you is to not let it define either of your lives. Have faith in yourself and you will find strength and humour and grace that you never even thought you had.
It sounds as if you're already making good progress and I want to encourage you to keep going! Remember that bad days are ok, but don't let them outnumber the good, there's too much out there to loose out on. We're cheering you all on - you'll be ok.

MaryinTN said...

Very glad to hear FL is feeling much better after the transfusion. Like the other commenter said, those of us who do pray will pray for you. You are both stronger than you realize. Of course, knitting helps!

Linda C said...

When I saw the fun necklace, I thought you might be taking on a new hobby - something else to keep your hands busy. I fear that it is not so good for waiting rooms, etc. Not so portable, what with packets and boxes of many different colored and shaped beads, to say nothing of picking up lthe necklace by the end withe knotted string already tied. Shades of days of teaching art camp.

You and your dear FL are daily held up in my prayers. Those who do pray can and will pray for you, and you all will have enough to be getting on with. I am glad for today the transfusion has brightened life. Good to know that FL has regained interest in his book. Lots of socks ahead - reading too. Were you a fan of Susan Cooper when you were at school? I still like them. Sometimes a good fantasy book about good and evil can be just what I need - step into another time and world.- and out of this one, even just for a little while