Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Week in Knitting

This is turning into my regular Wednesday feature! That's OK - it makes me look organised :)
Despite several dedicated knitting sessions, progress has slowed.
The main reason for this (other than the absence of hospital appointments this week) has been my refusal to stir myself from a comfortable curled-up ball on the sofa to fetch the pattern / first sock / measuring tape. This resulted in an overshoot of 8 rows on the brown sock just before the heel flap, and 6 rows on the first sleeve of my cardigan between phases of the raglan shaping.
I get very disheartened by ripping back - it feels like such a waste of good knitting time. So both of these projects were in time-out while I psyched myself up for the rip-and-reknit process.

So I got on with my Mermaid's Song Shawl.
Sadly, it is not the sort of project for late-night half-asleep knitting, and I spotted a dropped stitch way way back. It came from the strange new-to-me stitch, where three stitches perform a triple salko, landing on one leg while spinning. I hadn't missed it.
I have secured the stray stitch with a safety pin and will sew it in place later.
I have not yet cast on a self-striping tiredness-sopping project, mainly because I think I should see off that brown sock before I lose the will for twisted rib altogether.
I have no picture of my cardigan progress.  But I finished Sleeve One last night.  One more to go!  The photo in the book (Learn to Knit, Love to Knit) shows a 3/4-length sleeve but mine is definitely full-length despite getting "gauge".  Curious.


mags said...

It's geat you are knitting even though it has been a little disheartening. I hate taking things back too, it's very boring knitting the same bit twice! Take care.

LinB said...

Possibly the model had the arms of a great ape, so that the full-length sleeve of the garment only reached to her elbow.

Marie said...

Your knitting always looks so gorgeous! I wish I had the know-how to finish the projects I've started!