Wednesday, October 02, 2013

A Week in Knitting

Here we are again! This weekly update is good discipline for me. On the one hand, I can see my progress, and on the other I can see what I am avoiding (blankets!)
It was a week without planned hospital appointments, but FL's gory eye took us to the Haematology Waiting Room after his podiatry (pedicure!) appointment, just to be on the safe side. They had promised me on the phone it would be a "quick check", and indeed it was... except we were made to wait 2 hours to be seen. Steam was billowing from FL's ears when the doctor who had kept him waiting simply looked at his eye and said: "You've seen an optician? Oh, that's fine then... " His frustration came from the realisation that we had been waiting for the same doctor who had spent the afternoon pottering around the chemo room offering cups of tea to patients. I was watching her and I did wonder... but assumed she couldn't be the one we were waiting to see. Ha!
However, the upside of a 2-hour wait is that I knitted a large part of my first Time Turner Mitt. You are supposed to duplicate stitch "H" in that framed section. That would be "H" for "Hermione" or "Hogwarts".
I intend to make it "L" on this one, and "R" on the other one. Think about it...
My first Narcissa sock is done except for the toe. I paused to check the foot length, so this will be the work of an evening to finish.
I have not touched my Mermaid's Song shawl or my blanket.
But I finished my cardigan!
I have at least two new projects on their way to the needles. I already mentioned my intention to knit Lush using 2 colours of SkeinQueen Voluptuous. The cunning plan is to somehow merge the colours below the yoke, so that it is not too jarring a transition. I am thinking of some crafty colourwork along the lines of the Katie Sweater or the Hiro cardigan.
Katie prototype by Katie Borrel on Ravelry
Hiro cardigan by Julia Farwell-Clay on Ravelry
I also want to cast on a pair of gifty socks, using the Herbaceous pattern by Emily Estrada, who hosts the Fibretown knitting podcast. She is having a knitalong in her Ravelry group and I fancy a spot of "joining in" to keep my momentum going. Yarn? Well... I am trying to knit from stash so it will be Skein Queen Squash in the Turkish Delight colourway. Yum!
And finally (for today)I have a hankering to knit Ingot by Lisa Mutch. I have a Christmas recipient in mind, but am hesitating over my choice of yarn, as I am short of yardage. The pattern looks adjustable, but I don't want the finished object to look shrunken. A lot of this object's appeal lies in its generosity. So I continue to ponder.

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ravelledsleeve said...

Nice at the Yarns from the a Plain podcast was talking a few months ago about knitting a cardigan in two different colours and blending them by doing a row of the new colour then ten rows of the old one, then two new and nine old, until she got to ten rows of the new and one of the old, after which she just carried on with the new colour. It sounded like it would look rather nice.