Wednesday, November 06, 2013

A Week In Knitting

I can see it is going to be difficult to keep up the pictures as winter sets in: I will not be at home during daylight hours except at the weekend.  These pictures were all taken on Sunday.

This week I started a new project, the Alicia Mitts by Dani Berg from the Hitch e-book.  There is a knitalong on Ravelry, but so far I am the only participant - come on people, don't leave me on my own!
I am using JC Rennie's Unique Shetland, a wonderfully sticky sheepy wool that comes in an extraordinary range of colours.  I bought 4 sets of 5 mini-balls (10g each) from Wee County Yarns.  My first combination didn't work out:  the tones of the lightest green and the base grey were too similar.
First attempt - too pale!
But I am really pleased with my second attempt (top picture). It almost looks like a counted cross-stitch design.  Hmmm... there's an idea!  Could I knit a cross-stitch pattern?
Moving on, my Hector sock is coming along nicely.  I am enjoying the swirling stripes of colour, which turn into more regular stripes on the heel flap.  The geometric lace only goes as far as the ankle, where it transitions into an unusual rib.
I am working these over 72 stitches and it is definitely super-stretchy to a man-friendly degree.  I suggested to FL that they might be for him after all, and he said "You know me - I'll wear anything!".  Not exactly a vote of overwhelming enthusiasm, but unless I come up with another plan these might be his Christmas socks.
I also worked on my Kex Blanket.  By the time you read this, I will have finished the second horizontal stripe, which means - dun dun duuuun! - I am halfway through the main piece.  Which just goes to show that all it takes is stamina.


beate grigutsch said...

LOVE the alicia mitts!
the colors you are using are so fresh - it takes the pattern from nice to really beautiful.
remembers me of east european folk costume...

maybe FL means he wears "all what YOU made" ;-)

LinB said...

Oh, mini balls of yarn, how delightful! Just handling them must release all sorts of pleasant visions behind your eyeballs. Yes, you can use charted designs for any sort of needlework. Knitting designs sometimes have to be adjusted for the vertical : horizontal ratio that naturally develops in a knitting stitch (stitches are a tiny bit taller than they are wide -- it is the nature of the beast). This sets you free to pick up all the charted needlepoint and embroidery books/flyers/magazines at your local thrift shop with impunity: you'll use them someday, for something or other (for kindling, if for nothing else).

sewstyled said...

Interesting colours for Kex. What is the width of the Kex blanket main piece? I'm thinking of making it as a throw for keeping warm on the couch, though it seems as if it would be fairly straightforward to change the size? I don't have the pattern yet.
Those long winter nights - I'm not a fan of getting up in the dark and coming home in the dark

Roobeedoo said...

Sewstyled - Kex is about 130cm wide without the final border piece, so maybe 150cm with it? You could definitely change the size though it might lose its asymmetry (the checks are not centred). Hope this helps!

mags said...

Love the mitts and the little balls are such a good idea. How does the wool feel, is it itchy. Now you mention cross stitch patterns it seems obvious, a whole new world has just opened, I've hundreds!