Saturday, November 23, 2013

Catching Up

Thank you all so much for your birthday wishes and multiple thumbs up at the idea of blue hair :)
The Girl sent me a set of inspiring blue-haired pictures - fab!
Will I, won't I? We'll see.
Hair the colour of my birthday flowers?
In addition to spoiling me with flowers and chocolates, FL surprised me with a beautiful birthday present:  a cherry red leather bag which is neither a satchel nor a messenger bag, but has elements of both.  It has loads of pockets, inside and out, and is lined too.  He hasn't seen my 49 before 50 list, but one my aims was to buy a grown-up bag that would last me forever - and now I have one! Yay!  I ticked something off my list on Day One!
If you are waiting to see my complete 49 before 50 list, you will just have to be patient because I haven't set purple ink to paper yet. That's part of my plan for this weekend.
And I have a hat decision to report: The Girl really likes the Stovetop hat - the one with cables and a pompom. This is great news, as I like that one too, and I don't have to stop at knitting one, do I? I ordered some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in plain black as I trust it to be soft, warm and fairly easy to look after.
In reading news, I am immersed in "You Can Buy Happiness... and it is cheap" by Tammy Strobel of the Rowdy Kittens blog.  It is all about simplifying your life, a subject dear to my heart.  I know I probably don't need to read a book about it, I just need to DO it, but it helps with motivation to have a guide by my side.
Stovetop underway
I also need to crack on with Christmas-card-making.
And I rather fancy making a warm skirt. I own two. I am getting bored of them already, and it is only November.  So much for paring down my wardrobe ;)
Firewood-enhanced view
I am delighted to report that the ice has melted away, and that I got my snow tyres fitted this morning.  We are stocked up with firewood and basic foodstuffs, so I feel more able to relax at the prospect of winter.
I changed the dog's blanket and ordered my Yule soap from Future Primitive: so life smells truly sweet!
Right... knitting time!


ravelledsleeve said...

Happy (belated) birthday, Roo! Hope 49 is a good year for you.

Gail said...

A little late . . . Happy Birthday, Roo! I wish you your best year yet!

Birgitte said...

It struck me when you wrote "so much for pairing down my wardrobe" that I think what we're all aiming for is pairing it down to a set of clothing that actually work for us. And more than two warm skirts is probably going to be a great thing for you (and me... and everyone else in colder areas) and absolutely justify their place in our wardrobes as hardworking pieces. P.S. I suggest the site/blog - I've been wonderfully inspired about adjusting my wardrobe to my needs and taste from reading there, I really recommend taking a look!

indigorchid said...

Stupid google log-in and my multiple email-adresses! Birgitte = indigorchid(.com) (which seems impossible to figure out with my non-existent blogger-profile). Sorry about the mess!

poppyinstitches said...

Wishing you a brilliant 49th, abet a little late. x

MaryinTN said...

What lovely flowers and I really love the cheery cherry red bag! Great photo of FL too! He looks like he is enjoying his handmade by you socks:)

Dottie Doodle said...

Gorgeous presents, especially love the bag. I found Tammy's book inspiring too. Also The Minimalists blog and books.

Lorna A said...

I'm late again. Happy birthday young lady. Enjoy your last year of youth (insert evil laugh).
Wouldn't it be fantastic to literally copy your birthday flowers and have blue hair with purple tips!?!
Make this year one to remember!!!!

Lorna x

beate grigutsch said...

the red bag looks beautiful - gorgeous color and pretty lining! thats love :-)

jessica said...

Ooooh! Looks like a wonderful birthday indeed! That new bag looks gorgeous - just the thing! And Stovetop - superb!! Man, you just sent me off with a great hankering to go knit one of those ---- more cross-ocean matchingness! Heehee.

And more than 2 warm winter skirts? I think that's perfectly reasonable. The thing about a pared down wardrobe ... is that if you get tired of 1 item, you don't have a lot else to choose from. But on the other hand, I'll bet it'll only take 1 or 2 new skirts to really feel like you're seeing your whole wardrobe in a new light! You know whose minimalist winter wardrobe I really admire? MAV of 3191. (Maybe this? My computer keeps blocking their blog, I've no idea why) She has one palate and a lot of interesting patterns ... but I'm sure there are tons of ways to go about a pared down wardrobe - just don't ask me, I've got skirts with scooters! (And you know that means I can't have 2 skirts/season)

I've been thinking about paring back too - maybe we can cheer each other on :-).

Kestrel said...

Happy Belated birthday! That bag looks lovely, what a perfect gift.

acharmofmagpies said...

What a gorgeous bag! It would appear FL knows a thing or two about what you'd like. And owning more than two warm skirts in a place that snows seems imminently sensible!