Sunday, December 15, 2013

49 before 50: Update my CV

This weekend my "49 before 50" list probably saved my sanity.  If it was not for Number One:  Be True To Myself, I would very likely have rushed headlong into Number Ten:  Update my CV, with absolutely tragic consequences.
As some of my readers know where I work, I will not go into detail, but suffice to say a "job opportunity" has come up.  It is a job I am supremely qualified to do, and if I were to get it, it would bring a substantial increase in salary. But...
It would be absolutely toxic.
Everything about the role would require me to become another person.  It would involve longer hours, evening and weekend working, travel away from home, and a whole new level of toeing the corporate line.  It would put me in the direct line of enemy fire.  And nobody should knowingly put themselves in such a position unless they are wearing a bullet-proof vest.
And while I was almost persuaded to fall for the received wisdom that the only way is up, and that this was my chance to "succeed", the future I foresaw was overwhelmingly bleak. 
So after 48 hours of headaches and feeling ready to vomit, I talked myself down from the precipice.
I remembered Jessica's wise words:  "Just because you can doesn't mean you have to!"
Phew!  Breathe again Roo - it's all going to be fine!
I spent the weekend doing things I really wanted to do.
Instead of filling in an application form, I sewed a dress.
And I cast on something new in actual laceweight - eek!
I read the weekend papers, and allowed myself to be inspired by unconventional women.  Look at those glasses!  See that hair! (AND she knits!)
If ever there was a day when I was likely to dye my hair blue, it was today.
But I am saving that for next weekend ;)

So despite the failure of this year's lino cut (Number Thirteen:  Make my own greetings cards), which looks more like an overweight mouse than a robin, I am feeling a thousand percent better on Sunday night than I did on Friday.
And you know why? 
Number Nineteen:  Treat myself kindly.


ravelledsleeve said...

Well done! It's so easy to fall for the idea that climbing the career ladder must be a good thing and not stop to think about what really matters to you. As I know to my cost!

MaryinTN said...

Hugs Roo! Its not always the money (even if the money is nice). Being in the line of fire combined with constant travel and overtime (both paid and unpaid but expected) are not all they are cracked up to be. Being true to oneself leads to happiness.

MaryinTN said...

Oh, forgot to add in the last post... Luv the greeting card! Its clearly a robin!

Scruffybadger said...

I think congratulations are in order too! Congratulations for not going for the added stress, travelling and obligation to be someone you're not.
And congratulations for filling your weekend instead with the things that energise you. Looking forward to see the dress!

jessica said...

My goodness - that sounds like a tough choice and an agonizing weekend ... but the right decision for you. Good for you for sticking to your gut instinct and turning away from this apparent opportunity! (Opportunity to develop an ulcer! Happily awaiting somebody else, who might just be perfectly suited for the role, which would be a win all around.)

So, so tough to be true to ourselves in the face of "success" and money. Incredible, Roo, really incredible! Good for you!!! So glad you treated yourself kindly and stayed true to yourself. I hope there's some nice smelling soap in your stocking this year :-). Big, brave decisions like this deserve a little extra Treat Yo'Self.

The facing on that new dress looks perfect. You are just knocking this chic-hand-made-wardrobe-thing out of the park!

jessica said...

PS: I received the LOVELIEST package in the mail!!! Sooooo excited!!! Thank you!!! More soon.

jessica said...

(Sorry, what I meant was - the dress looks awesome, the facing made me smile, it's perfectly Roo and the perfect touch. I am covetous!!)

beate grigutsch said...

roo - i take a bow to your wisdom!
what will one have from lots of money if there is no life outside the company? for some will it be o.k., but an artisisan like you (and me) are not made for this. and to have much less time with our beloved is a bad deal.
love your new brown skirt and laughed loud and happily about the x-mas explosion socks :-)
they would be fun wearing in front of the fire at a ski hut........

Carolyn said...

Good for you! I'm so glad you were true, and kind, to yourself. :)

Donna Hensley said...

Oh, I love that lino cut!

colleen said...

Perhaps that should have been an owl rather than a robin, because from her it seems that you have made a very wise decision. There are times when moving on up is right when there is an opportunity - and support - to thrive and grow. And how sensible to realise this just wasn't one of those times.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I'm loving following your 49 before 50 ... I just wish I'd thought to do the same a couple of years back. I'm even wondering if it's too late to do my list now! 49 after 51, or something!

Sigrid said...

That sounds like a very hard decision, but if a job would make you miserable there is really no compensation that would be enough. Congratulations on sticking with your gut!

blue hands said...

Lucky escape. Well done!

Miss said...

I love that card!!!

Well done for being true to thyself, well done indeed! What a timely list that was!

I nearly fell for that myself, and it was a terrible 24 hours while I wrestled with it, but sanity won in the end!

sewingslowly said...

I am glad that you made that decision, and I'm sure that FL is too. Carpe Diem :-)