Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Week in Knitting: Christmas Explosion socks

A lot of knitters are intimidated by hand-dyed yarns.
There is that element of unpredictability.  Unless it is labelled "self-striping", it probably isn't... and anything could happen.
So when you cast on a 64-stitch sock and the colours seem to be forming a regular sort of a spiral, it is a mistake to expect it to continue that way.
Because let's face it:  if the colours are overlapping by 4 stitches at each end of every row, there WILL come a point when it all just explodes in your face...
And the delusions you had about the stitch pattern looking a bit like Christmas trees on a snowy Alpine hillside are replaced by the reality that this is, in fact, an explosion on a ski-slope... in which many Santas, reindeer and elves lost their lives.
This is my first Thora sock, a Rachel Coopey pattern, knitted in Knitting Goddess 4 ply sock (80/20 merino/nylon) in the Jolly Holly colourway, a present to myself using my mother's birthday cheque (so that doesn't count as stash acquisition at all, does it?!)
Luckily, it is for me :)
It started spiralling again after the heel turn. The cheek of it!
I cast these on on Sunday, in the run up to a close family funeral to which I was not welcome but which FL absolutely had to attend.  We had house guests.  FL met his grandchildren for the first time and caught up with many old friends.  It has been a very sad and yet in some ways happy week.
Today we were back at the hospital, where we were told he is better than he has been in years... and that his myeloma is creeping back.
But let's focus on the good stuff - FL is better than he has been in years, and he has met his grandchildren, and I have the loudest sock this side of New Year!
Oh - and we have each other - woo hoo!
And this week's random outfit photo?
I call this one the "Country Christmas Camber" :)


Miriana said...

That Alpine explosion certainly left your sock with quite a nasty bruise!

Lorna A said...

I don't comment much any more, but I often think about you and FL. It's nearly 4 years since I found your blog..... Life in the old dog yet I say. Xxx

jessica said...

LOL, Roo, you always make me laugh! I'm betting this pair turns into a "this is fugly ... this is really fugly ... OMG this is stupendously brilliant!" set of socks :-). And I love the outfit!

Lynn said...

The Santas, reindeer and elves explosion had me cackling out loud. I love all your makes.

MaryinTN said...

Love the sock. Yep, that is the issue with some hand-painted yarns...but I kind of like the way that sock looks and your excellent explosion explanation had me rolling on the floor. Glad FL is feeling better but sorry to hear the myeloma is misbehaving. Sending get well vibes his way!

Linda C said...

I love those socks! They are brilliant with the dress! What is the name of the sweater? A nice Christmasy look, along with the dress.

I'm glad Fl is feeling better- and that he met his grandchildren. I hope he enjoyed them- and that you enjoyed them.


Gail said...

You make me laugh . . . and get teary :-)

I love your sock and your description of it. And I so admire your steadfast ability to concentrate on the positive. You're an inspiration, Roo.

Textile Art Forum said...

do you have any tips about knitting socks in the round? I'm on my first pair and have redone them twice due to laddering at the point where the needles meet. I love your blog. You are an inspirational person.

Judith said...

Looks more like New Year Eve socks with the fireworks going off ~ I actually like these socks, the wool is really quirky ... J

LinB said...

I'd say the sock looks more like an accident at a ribbon-candy factory, lol. (The thought of all that elf and reindeer carnage on the glacier makes me sad.)

Funerals are just different. You can never, never predict how folk are going to behave one to another.
Went to a lovely service for a friend's wife yesterday. She had been "gone" for over a decade due to a brain cancer; so her family spent the whole time remembering the funny, kind, lovely woman they used to know. We ended by all singing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" together.
I am sorry that anyone has ever made you feel unwelcome. It is their loss for not coming to know you, funny and kind and lovely woman that you are.

Mary Hurley said...

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madeinoxford said...

Maybe it's all about perspective - if you tip your head to one side, the patch sort of looks like a decorated Christmas tree.

...I'm not helping, am I?

Glad you had something to make you smile in what sounds like a tricky week :) they made me smile too!

Rehanon Mackenzie said...

These socks totally rock and I think the kapow! Only adds to the fabulous. Always impressed by your ability to rally in the face of it all. Enjoy knocking everyones socks off with your new pair.

Scruffybadger said...

Looking festive all round. The socks are going to totally rock, love the idea of explosion on a ski slope.... And random outfit also rocks, nice colour and knit combinations :-)
Big hugs xx

Sarahel said...

You're so good at finding the highs amid the lows, whether they be fun socks or the bigger stuff. Take care of you both.