Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Week in Knitting

This week’s knitting plan took an unexpected twist when I suddenly decided to drop everything and start a new project.
Having decided I was going to devote myself to my Jolly Holly Christmas Explosion socks, I found myself smitten with the Advent Scarf 2013 by Kristin Benecken.
And even though it was 15 December when I cast it on, and I therefore had no chance whatsoever of catching up with the sensible people who started on the 1st… well, it just had to be!
The concept is simple: every day from 1 to 24 December, the designer releases the instructions for a single section of the scarf. All around the world (confirmed by an online map of participants!) crazy knitters simultaneously work on that day’s stitch pattern, until by Christmas Day they all have the same scarf.
Except… no they don’t! Because there are lots of modifications going on out there as people realise they can’t find time to knit the full-width version, and have chopped it down to a more manageable size. Others have taken fright at some of the sections (you want me to do what?!) and done their own thing. And an enterprising breakaway contingent has declared itself to be the "Relaxed Knitters" group, who will get there… eventually.
I probably fall into this category.
I am using Posh Yarn Miranda laceweight in an alpaca / silk / cashmere mix, in the colourway “Galeforce”.
Days One and Two took me 4 days, so I guess I am not going to be finished by Christmas.
Day Three left me puzzled and I had to rip back and try again after reading the help board on Ravelry: the double yarn overs have to be “purled and knit” and not treated as a single elongated stitch.  And then I got in a muddle and dropped a couple of stitches that I couldn't relocate...
But I will persevere because it is looking lovely. The yarn is slightly fluffy, with a sheen from the silk and a surprising amount of “body” which keeps the lace crisp.
I finished the first Explosion sock while I thought about the ripping-back. Sock 2 is now just past the cuff, and looks nothing like the first one, but that was to be expected.
My last piece of knitting news is to report a lucky-draw win on the Knitting Go! Podcast.
Yay! I am so excited!
I won three patterns from the new e-book by Abigail Phelps, Hiraeth Casgliad: two selected by the designer, and the third my own choice.
Old World, Image copyright Megan McGlothin
I opted for “Old World” which is a shawl or a blanket depending on yarn choice.
OMG – imagine a giant worsted-weight tweedy blanket in this pattern?
Or a gradient-dyed laceweight shawl using the specified yarn, which can be bought at Purlescence in the UK?
I am at work until noon on Christmas Eve.  Then FL and I have a quiet few days at home alone with the dog before the kids arrive on the 28th, so I predict some serious knitting time in the week ahead - woo hoo!


Gail said...

That Advent Shawl is such a creative idea!

beate grigutsch said...

still love the exploited sox :-)
but this blanket/shawl thing in exactly that green is my dream piece of knit..........
merry and peaceful x-mas for you Roo and FL!!!!

MaryinTN said...

That blanket is so pretty and I love the socks! Isn't it funny how difficult matching socks can be!

LinB said...

Merry Christmas and happy knitting!

Scruffybadger said...

Happy knitmas Roo! xx