Saturday, December 14, 2013

FO: Deer & Doe Chardon au Chocolat

I bought this brown wool / viscose fabric from Little Shop of Treasures on ebay in August 2011.    Unbelievably, they are still selling it - go ahead and make them an offer - it is lovely stuff!  I am pretty sure I paid about £14 for 1.5 metres, although admittedly that was two years ago.

Pattern:  Chardon skirt by Deer & Doe, size 38
Fabric:  As above.  I pre-washed it in the machine on a wool cycle, and it warped slightly in the brisk wind on the washing line but I don't think it shrank at all.
Other:  Anti-static lining (less than 1 metre); invisible zip, thread, woven fusible interfacing, thread:  all from stash.

After sewing two successful Chardon skirts out of linen in the summer, I was keen to make a wintery version.  This wool was perfect for the job:  drapey and substantial with a slight sheen, it has a felted texture which stops it from fraying - so there was no need to zigzag the raw edges - woo hoo!
I lined it with some anti-static fabric, using the shape of the pleated skirt pieces as a template to cut the lining.  It is sandwiched between the skirt and facing pieces, and slip-stitched to the zip tape at the centre back.  I also stitched through all the layers (stitching over the top-stitching on the box pleats) to secure the waist facing and prevent it rolling out.
I wanted this to be a wardrobe staple, so kept it simple:  no bow at the back, and no belt loops.  It is a plain chocolate brown wool skirt, and all the better for it.
The hem is faced with black satin bias tape.
And I used an invisible zip at the centre back - successfully!
It was a straightforward project that ought to have taken me a day at the most, but circumstances meant I had to nibble at it in short bursts of activity over three weeks, which I found frustrating.

I can't believe it has taken me 2 years to use this fabric.  It is warm and soft and lovely.
I knew I wanted a pleated skirt, and this high-waisted style manages to provide volume without excessive bulk.
And of course it has those beloved side-seam pockets for swaggering around in a tomboyish fashion, whistling nonchalantly.
I know already that this is a garment I will wear all winter with different combinations of top / cardigan / scarf / shawl.
This is how it looks with my Betty Jean McNeil cardigan and Mermaid's Song Shawl, but it works well with my lime green cardigan too.

Will I make another?
It is entirely possible... but I have a new pattern I am itching to try out soon.
Have you seen the Peggy skirt by BlueGingerDoll?
Mary of the Idle Fancy blog has made it twice, and I love them both.  I am planning a black moleskin version for starters...
Next project?


Gail said...

I love this whole outfit! Your Betty Jean McNeil sweater is one of my favorite things you've knit, and this skirt is just perfect with it!

Sarahel said...

Lovely new skirt, and a perfect outfit.

sewstyled said...

What a great skirt and great outfit- love the mix of brown, orange and blue! All your versions of Chardon have been wonderful.

Mela R. said...

I agree with the above. Great skirt and outfit. I love the pop of color you added with the scarf.

Marie said...

YUM! I could just spread this chocolatey skirt on my toast and eat it! Love the hole styling of this outfit too and I can't wait to see you in a Peggy Skirt as well!

sylkotwist said...

I really love this. Once again you've made something that says "I belong to Roo", it suits you perfectly!

Donna Hensley said...

A beautiful winter staple - it looks very *you* too!

Scruffybadger said...

Chocolate Chardon....perfection on a winter's day. It looks great, I'm so glad that you've made a wooly Chardon as I am contemplating another in thicker fabric. And you've lined it too...I will line mine, so your suggestion to topstitch all layers is well heeded, thank you! I reckon you will get lots of wear out if it this season...

Colleen said...

I adore this outfit. That chocolate brown and deep orange look fabulous together--the sweater and the tights! I could eat them up!