Saturday, December 28, 2013

The 2013 Account

I don't know how many readers are interested in a summary of my year in stitches, but it is a useful exercise for me, so here goes.

You will recall my vow to give up shop-bought clothes.  This has gone pretty well.  My only purchases in 2013 were: 
  • one black jersey skirt (Inis online sale, last January)
  • one second-hand plaid shirt
  • one Seasalt cardigan
  • one Llynfi cardigan
  • one Seasalt rainproof coat
All of these items are worn regularly, except the black skirt, which is reserved for funerals.  Sadly, we have had a few of those this past year.
The plaid shirt is one of my favourite things.  It is just so cheerful and relaxed and makes me think of Ysolda :)
If my garment-knitting had been more successful, I wouldn't have needed those cardigans...
The coat was essential.  My attempt at making a 1970's pattern raincoat was an unhappy experience and I recently landfilled the evidence.

I was surprised when I listed this year's sewing output. 
Camber dress
I thought of this as the Year of The Dress, but tops were my most prolific make:

Dresses: 5
Skirts:  5
Tops:  14
Trousers:  none
Jackets / coats:  none

However, when I go back and look at how often I wore the things I made in 2013, there were some duds among those tops.

I realised I was not comfortable in my Airelle blouse:  the sleeves were too bulky and the neck facing refused to stay inside.  It has gone to a charity shop.
I have never worn my silver striped Drafting Top - because I never "go out".  I am keeping it for an unknown future social life.  You never know!
And there was the comedic 70's smock which I re-made into a Datura top... sleeveless, so worn maybe once.  I will keep it for a sunny day.
The big successes were my Renfrews which are worn and washed on repeat, and my tops from a vintage 1960's pattern, Simplicity 6238.  That pattern also provided the sleeves for my two Camber Dresses.
Simplicity 6238

Ah yes - the Camber Dresses!  HUGE success!!!  I have worn these more often than almost any other thing I have ever made, pro rata!  (My dark denim Kelly skirt is the other main contender.)

I made 3 Chardon skirts this year and wore the linen ones a lot in the summer.  The brown wool version is still very new and hasn't quite found its place in my life - mainly because I reach for a Camber dress 3 working days out of 5.  Uh huh.    And when the Cambers are having a rest, I have turned to my Marimekko-trimmed dress, even though it is a wee bit short for work. That explains why I think of this as the Year of The Dress!
Marimekko-trimmed dress

And finally...

Completed items:

Socks:  13 pairs, of which 10 used Rachel Coopey patterns (woo hoo!)
Garments:  2 cardigans
Scarves / shawls:  5
Hats:  5
Mitts:  4 pairs
Other:  2 tea cosies

Still in progress are my Kex Blanket (resting at the half-way point) and my Advent Scarf (I am on Day 5).  I will continue to work on both of these.
Day 3 of the Advent Scarf - attempt 3.  Oh dear.

My biggest disappointment this year has been the lack of happy full-sized knitted garments.  Both cardigans (Shalder, and the Learn to Knit cropped bobble-tastic number) were a lot of work and neither fits me properly.  I really want to address this issue in 2014.
I am a fairly standard size, so this should not be a problem.
I just need to make better choices.
With Ravelry at my fingertips, there is no shortage of information on yarns, patterns, gauge and fit. 

2014?  The Year of The Cardigan That Fits!


The Foggy Knitter said...

Have you come across Amy Herzog's new fit to flatter series and computer programme thing? It's about making a cardigan or jumper that fits and flatters you

You've made some great things this year :)

Flossie in Stitches said...

Just wanted to say thanks for your blog inspiration in 2013. I love to read your blog but rarely post comments. I will aim to change that in 2014! All the best to you and FL for a happy and peaceful new year.

Scruffybadger said...

Really interesting review of the year's makes! And how brilliant that you have such a clear winner amongst your sewn makes. I am continually inspired by you, your colour, style and knitting. A cool new year to you, FL and yours x

Marie said...

Sounds to me like you've had a pretty fantastic stitching year! I know not everything was a success (is it ever?!), but with so many beautiful and well-worn makes, you deserve a heartfelt pat on the back. Surprisingly, 2013 has been the year of the tops for me too!

Anyway, wishing you, FL and your loved ones a happy and fun 2014!xx

Nita said...

I am a new follower. I love your intention to give up store bought clothing. I think I am going to experiment in 2014 with giving up buying anything (clothing) that is either brand new or full price. Thrift stores and sale racks and home made for me in 2014. Wish me luck!

lovethebeach said...

You are doing much better than I am with "me-made"! And sad, to say, because I don't knit, I'm looking for a long black cardigan sweater (thigh length). I found one on the Wallis website and wondered what you can tell me about the quality of their clothing. I would be ordering it to be sent to the US so don't want to have to return an item. Thanks for any help you can give! Hope the new year brings you and FL good health and contentment!

jessica said...

What a year of makes! You've made some beautiful garments this year :-). Still in envy of your Camber dresses, might have to get that pattern myself, it looks like the perfect dress! And glad that the Marimmeko fabric seems to have found a place in your rotation. I'm wondering if it's time for a princess seamed tangerine dress with pockets and maybe a bow? Hehehe.

Also, yeay for blue hair!

madeinoxford said...

Looks like a pretty good year to me :) You've made such lovely things, and made me smile every week, thank you!

Good luck with the cardigan! I'm crocheting one at the moment, but have hit the equivalent of "work 14 inches of stocking stitch" and found my boredom threshold unequal to it...