Sunday, January 19, 2014

49 before 50: Balance

The wind woke me at 5am when it blew open one of the windows upstairs, sending papers flying off my son's desk until I secured the broken latch.
There was no point in going back to bed as FL was already on the prowl, coughing and nursing an upset stomach. (He has been alarmingly well recently, which makes us both uneasy as it is so welcome and yet so hard to believe.)
So here I am, breakfasted and washed, waiting for daylight so that I can cut out my Peggy skirt.

Gilliatt yarn in "poivre et sel"
In this week's edition of the Knitting Go podcast, Heather talked about her 365 project:  to give away 365 things in a year.  This is her version of clearing the clutter.  She keeps a couple of bags by the door:  one for the charity shop, one for landfill, and every time she comes across something that is superfluous to her needs, in it goes.  Once a week she takes the bags out of the house, never to return. 

This got me thinking again about my efforts to streamline my possessions, and I remembered my intention to sort through my CDs.  One of my 49 before 50 goals is to "Sing Sing Sing".  Another is "Dance Dance Dance".  Music is quite important to both of those!  But I do not actually have adequate equipment to perform them.  I do all my singing in the car, because there is a CD player in there.  I keep a handful of discs in the glove compartment.  Currently, I am into The XX (black album) and London Grammar.  But there is also a bit of Everything But the Girl and The Cure for good measure!

At home?  I have a £19 CD player which is located out of reach behind FL's unwieldy chair. It has a temperamental switch and fluctuating speakers. It is covered in a thick layer of dust because it is never used.  Clearly I need to do something:  move it or lose it or both.  And reconsider my access to music.  Go digital?  It is beginning to feel almost necessary.

"confiture de roses"
So it made sense to excavate my box of CDs and consider my options.  I logged onto Music Magpie and "priced" my collection.  In the end, I decided to trade 45 CDs for the princely sum of £35.  Stop laughing!  Most of them were almost worthless and raised 30p each.  If they quoted me over £1 for any one disc I checked Amazon in case it was actually a collector's item.  My 3-CD set of Stevie Nicks' albums is definitely NOT for sale as it is practically gold-dust - who knew?!

I am left with 8 CDs in the car and 25 in the house.  I am quite surprised it is that many as I have bought very few in recent years.  This weekend's exercise cut my CD clutter by half.  Excellent!

FL was watching me with a worried expression.  When I explained I was getting rid of things for which I no longer had any use he muttered  "It'll be me next!"  Oh dear!

Later on when I confessed to buying some new yarn, he was so relieved! 
Monte Rosa by Isabell Kraemer

I had been raving about it all day, off and on:    New pattern...ooh - lovely!...OMG - the colours... it's organic... so sheepy! ... Look at this, FL!... ooh they ship to the UK at the EU rate... it's from France... over 600 people have knitted something from it on Ravelry... oh this new pattern is just so lovely... a bit like the Japanese pattern I can't decipher but even better... ooh "poivre et sel" .... "confiture de roses"... rose jam?!

FL:  "Just get it, will you?  Please?"

And so I did.
45 CDs out, 5 skeins of organic French wool in.

None of which solves my music access issues...


Sarahel said...

Wow looks like you hit gold with that yarn and pattern combination. Looking forward to hearing how it progresses. Sarahel

wendy said...

I love her patterns and have now added that one to my queue, it's really lovely. Good job with the CDs - I'm also trying the lose 365 items, it feels really good :)

The Foggy Knitter said...

Have you come across Spotify? You can listen to loads of music for free (and legally), the free version does have occasional adverts, but for £5/month you can get unlimited music to stream and no ads. If you have a download limit on your internet it might not be so good though... lovely yarn

Ruth Wilson said...

You have made me think about my cd collection and getting rid of ones I never use. I really love the wool combination and pattern.

Clare said...

Nice! I like your way of doing things and I'll send some of my CDs the way of music magpie too. I was going to suggest spotify; I pay £5 a month and have a huge eclectic playlist of tracks that I would never have bought a whole CD for. I only get ads if I listen through my Iphone, which I don't do that often. Love the knitting pattern and that magenta yarn.

rosylea said...

Definitely Spotify! It has widened my listening repertoire considerably and I haven't added to my cd collection for quite some time. Buying the odd track seems a good way to have only what I really want.

Lovely wool, if only I hadn't already exceeded my self imposed knitting allowance for a while.....:(

Cazz said...

Love the confiture de roses - reminds me of my hair :o)

I highly recommend a mp3 player and a pair of lightweight headphones. I put them on and bop around the kitchen, cleaning, cooking, doing dishes.

beate grigutsch said...

no music advice from me. mostly i live with the radio - thank god we have a station here with classic and jazz and no ads.
i saw FL with my inner eye - my own one tends to think in the same patterns - aww. when i´m on a cleaning/organizing trip he says if he should sleep in the firewood hut...
cant wait to see your new wool project! and that peggy skirt!

Minnado said...

I am sure my pitiful cd collection would raise less money. Gorgeous yarns and love the cardigan. I am rubbish at listening to music and have no useful suggestions!!

MaryinTN said...

Love the yarn and sweater! Good job on clearing out CDs you no longer want. Your 49 Before 50 is getting me thinking about starting a similar endeavor but since I don't have a big milestone coming up this year a catchy motivational tag is in order.

Rehanon Mackenzie said...

My nan believed in this something in something out. Well done for a sort out. Haha love that from FL the relief he felt that you were still bringing in new. Also lovely taste in music I think you'd like broken bells and temples as well.