Friday, January 03, 2014

A New Year with knitting

Say hello!
At last - a modelled shot of The Girl in her Stovetop hat!  Except... this is Stovetop Version 2.  She lost the first one on a London bus. Sob!  So if you see someone else wearing a hat that looks just like this, refer them to me, please.

Say goodbye
You may remember I was knitting an Advent Scarf?
Not any more.  I love the yarn I was using and it deserves to become a happier project. (Another Thistle Scarf?)  I was making too many mistakes.  So I ripped it out.

Instead, I devoted myself to a new sock:  Thornfield by Rachel Coopey. 
I am using a hand-dyed charcoal grey yarn from The Knitting Goddess that is shot with purple.  Deeply gothic.
And just as soon as the first clue was released, on New Year's day, I set to work on my Torirot Mystery Mittens.
I am using JC Rennie supersoft lambswool from my stash of mini-balls (from Wee County yarns).
I have knitted both cuffs and now I am waiting for Clue Number Two, when two other colours are introduced:  dark grey and a light cornflower blue.

With bells on
The second of January was The Boy's 21st birthday - woo hoo!
Here he is, testing out the bells on his tea cosy.
It's not every man who gets a teapot for his 21st.
We "did Christmas" on his birthday, as it felt like the most important celebration.
Both kids headed south again today.
It is suddenly very quiet again.
So the postie was especially welcome this morning, bringing me a new distraction in the shape of my first Knitting Goddess / Rachel Coopey sock club package - yay!
I am guessing that the colorway Wolf is inspired by Red Riding Hood?  The matching pattern is called Arnulf and is a suitably man-friendly design which I can't wait to cast on.  Dare I have two pairs of socks on the go at the same time? Oh yes!
I also popped to the library for some fairytale-inspired reading.  After powering through The Goldfinch in the space of three days and almost losing my grip with reality in the process, I needed something absolutely fictional.  I have never heard of these books before:  I was seduced by the cover art.  Tsk!


Ms Hicks said...

I love the girl's hat! I travel a lot by bus here in London so will keep an eye out for version one. You have inspired me to try knitting socks but where to start? Any suggestions? I need to know what type of yarn to purchase and what size needles?.

Scruffybadger said...

All these lovely things are perfect snuggle inspiration as the wind howls all around... Making me feel v cosy !

Cattyrox said...

Bitter Greens is by a prominent Australian author and has had great reviews. I have yet to read it as I've been working on my own Rapunzel revisioning (a libretto) but I'm looking forward to it for after I finish the last couple of poems which should be soon!

Spikeabell said...

I love watching your sock progress Roo (one day I'll venture into sock territory)

Bitter Greens is a fabulous tale, I love all things folk and fairytales and I think Kate Forsyth (who is currenty doing a fairytale PHD) did a great job on weaving the stories together.

I was lucky enough to win a copy of the wild girl. I have read a fair bit about the Brothers Grimm and it was fun to enjoy a fictive style about their times, interests and loves.

Cattyrox, I look forward to your retelling, my inspiration as a visual artist comes partly from reading contemporary retellings.

Alto Girl said...

I just finished The Goldfinch and wss really into it until about the last fourth of the book. The ending left me feeling unsettled. Felt like the book just kind of died out.

Karen Philpott said...

How infuriating about hat no. 1, but glad to see you finished no. 2.
I love the start of your mitts, but just don't have time at the mo' to start anything else. However, I have just downloaded the Bitter Greens, and as this is a genre I have not read before, I am looking forward to it. Thank goodness for kindle!
Happy New Year to you and yours xx

violicious said...

sigh....our library does not have bitter greens. looks right up my alley right now. thanks for posting it! i have just put the snow child on hold at our library. maybe some book purchasing in my future? i love seeing your knits, esp. socks!!! and that advent scarf pattern is terrifying.

Colleen said...


Wow! I need to have that sort of immersion in a book. I will start this weekend on mine (a Christmas present). That good, eh?

Star speckles said...

I love your girl's hat almost as much as I love her hair :)

Linda C said...

Love your daughter's hat. I think she is looking more like you- never noticed it before. Kids change. My granddaughter 15 always looked likme me and her dad, who look like me. Now her face is changing and she looks like her mom. Husband said her bones are not as obvious, a softer look.

The books look fascinating. I gave my granddaughter a birthday book last summer ELLA ENCHANTED - looks like the same genre. If you like BITTER GREENS and THE WILD CHILD,, you lmight look out for that one. I'll look out for the two you mentioned. My book club read THE GOLD FINCH over two mons- but I was deal with husband detached retina. No fun for any one.Poor guy - and some poor me.

A Very Happy New Year!


Gigi said...

If you are so inclined :)

I'm neither a knitter nor crocheter but love your blog and photos and pass ideas to my sister, hint hint. Happy New Year and God bless you and your family.