Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Two weeks in Knitting

Two weeks into 2014 and I have... a sock.  just the one.
But it is a very striking sock.
This is the Thornfield pattern by Rachel Coopey and I am using Knitting Goddess sock yarn in the colourway "Morticia".
Thornfield is a Jane Eyre reference.  It just had to be mine!
I appear to have knitted it in my own size.  How strange! ;)
Number two is already on the needles, but progress has been slow, because I have been trying to keep up with the Torirot Mystery Mitten knitalong.
 This is the left mitt as it looked at the weekend.

This is the same mitt, flipped over.
Since then I have been working on the next clue, which uses the grey and blue to work the top of the mitten.
If you look back at the first photo you might be able to see a slightly skeletal female figure approaching a garden door...?
The next clue has a little bird and a book.
The clever people in the knitalong group have worked out that this is a Secret Garden-inspired mitt, as in The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.
Oh my goodness - I just discovered that there is a version with illustrations by Lauren Child!  What a pity my daughter is beyond the picture book stage!
But I digress...
I am not totally convinced by my little girl - she is a bit scary-looking. But I am persevering.
What will happen on the right-hand mitt?  I am guessing it will be a depiction of Peter Colin (thanks to Rosylea for the correction!).  Will he be in his wheelchair?  That would be an interesting piece of Equality-Positive Action wouldn't it?
That's my lot this week.
I intended to cast on another sock, but I didn't get to it.
I pondered my Japanese pattern book for a while, but chickened out.
And right now I am doing battle with myself over the "need" for a ball of self-striping sock yarn.  Because I already have 4 balls of self-striping sock yarn in the stash.  And I don't need another until I knit at least one of those - right?  Right.


Sew little time said...

ooh i love lauren child (and do have a little girl of the right age!) i'll have to check it out. i guessed the secret garden straight away too!

beate grigutsch said...

deep hard voice:
"dont. buy. that. yarn. - dont!!"


The Foggy Knitter said...

Love the sock, the yarn works beautifully with it

cutitoutstitchitup said...

Your socks are really beautiful. I need to get past the plain stocking stitch and simple rib.
Now everyone in the family has a pair I need to step it up a bit.

LinB said...

No one is EVER "beyond the picture book stage." Ever.

The sock is delightful -- I've used that stitch on a sock leg before, but the person who requested that I use that stitch chose such a wildly variegated yarn that it is difficult to distinguish the pattern in all the color muddling. I much prefer your version.

rosylea said...

I love your sock pattern-and the beautiful yarn. I too have only ever socked in plain and rib. By the way unless I am losing my marbles should it not be Colin in his wheelchair rather than Peter?

Lynne said...

Oh my goodness, the cables on that sock are gorgeous! Also, I love the colour!

Roobeedoo said...

Rosylea -you are right! Colin! My memory is fading!

susew said...

Thornfield is Beautiful!

marksabine said...

Not knitting related at all - but curious to know if, as a fan of Jane Eyre, you've ever read Villette? I'm always surprised that JE is the more popular!

Roobeedoo said...

Marksabine - oh me oh my yes I have read Villette. I read it on a constant loop for about a year in my teens and revisit it regularly. I lived and breathed Villette for a long long time :)

marksabine said...

Finally! Somebody else that gets it! I know many die-hard Bronte fans who always left Villette at the bottom of the faves list whereas I, like you, would finish the last page and then flick back to the beginning to start again!

Gigi said...

Thought of you :)

Your blog is a delight!

Star speckles said...

Ooh, those mittens are gorgeous - did they recommend the colours of yarn, or was it just lucky that you used green at the bottom? Looking forward to seeing the next one...