Wednesday, February 19, 2014

49 before 50: The First Quarterly Report

The first 3 months of my 49th year have passed, so what do I have to show for it?

To start with, I have only managed to gather 39 goals on my list for the year!
Hmmm... "39 before 50" doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?
But I am not going to stress about that:  I would rather not have meaningless targets just for the sake of it.

It has been a pretty stressful start to the year with new pressures at work and a lot of worrying about FL.  But my list of goals has been a useful point of focus.

Happy "True to Myself"  Footwear
"Be True to Myself" is top of the list and sometimes I cling to it like the mast on a sinking ship!
So when I have come under fire for "quirky language" (I kid you not) I have stood up for myself and brazened it out, while remaining entirely grown-up.  I avoided the temptation to retort: "Whatever, geezer!" which is what my inner voice was screaming.

Although I have not accomplished number 10 "Update my CV" I have taken on lots of new responsibilities at work (for no extra pay or thanks) and I know that my CV will look a lot shinier as a result, when I finally get round to writing it all down.

(37) I dyed my fringe blue :)
(20)  I have been wearing clothes that make me happy.
I have (6) knitted and (7) sewn from my stash.
(3)  I have read some good and great books.  Currently I am deeply immersed in:  "A Death in the Family" by Karl Ove Knausgaard, which is not a Scandinavian murder-mystery at all!  And it is part of a series - fantastic!  Lots to read!

(27)  I went to the dentist... and I went to the dentist again.  And again.  Once was all I had aimed for, but I reckon I have almost made up for those 7 missed years of appointments now!

(33) I have been sharing the love:  passing on books / magazines to family and friends after enjoying them myself.

(36)  I have been making more gifts and (32) I am up to date with my aim to knit 12 pairs of socks in the year.
This is not a picture of my teeth

The areas of slippage have been, as expected, the: (5) 49 Deliberate Acts of Exercise; (4) 49 Days of Vegan Living; (9)  Make connections / (16) Meet other knitters.  I am rubbish at sticking to goals around health and fitness and social interactions.  But I am aware of that, and I am determined to keep on chipping away at my flaws, while (19) Treating myself Kindly!

No sign of (2) a Walk on the Beach - pathetic!  How hard can it be?!
And I can't recall (31) Coffee in a cafe, though I am almost certain it must have happened since November...  yes?  No?!  Really?!  The fact that I am not sure says a lot!
And I haven't (28) had my hair cut.
And this is not symbolic of my goals crashing down around my head

In summary:  I have a lot of work to do.  But I am still determined to stick to my goals and identify some new ones as the year progresses.  Watch this space!


Andrea said...

Ah, you have my sympathies on the dentist especially! I took six or seven years off from dentistry and when I finally worked up the courage to find a new, less sadistic dentist two years ago, it took quite a few visits to get everything fixed up. The doing was no fun but I still proud of myself for having gotten back on that horse. (And, no cavities since!)

Perhaps there are things you've already done that should have their place on your list? It seems reasonable that life would hand you a few serendipitous opportunities worth including!

Jessica Walker said...

I can't remember the other items on your list--is delighting your readers and inspiring wonderful feelings of sympathy and allegiance in them on your list? If so, you can count that as done. If not, make it #40, and NOW you can cross it off!
Thanks as always for sharing, and remember, it's early days yet!

beate grigutsch said...

uh - dentist. don´t talk about. BUT i really had to laugh about the line about your teeth under the picture :-D
thank you for the first fun this morning!

you are not alone with don´t reaching your exercise goal. i blame it on the weather. usually i go nordic skiing in this time of the year, weekly. super good for the weak knee (better then walk) and, because you use the whole body, for the rest and the heart/lungs too. the ski-season is the fundament of my fitness.

wish you a happy weekend!

Maeve said...

Roo: Blame it on the weather.
You are doing well! its a hard time of year to be getting out and about. Spring is on its way (I hope) and there will be loads of opportunities to start ticking off your list then. I really like your boots...

Rehanon Mackenzie said...

ooh I've just read the blurb on that book. I'm thinking that needs to go straight on the must read list. I think you're making good progress with the list especially multiple dentist visits. Being true to yourself isn't easy but is so satisfying in the same way I find distance running is. So good on you.

Helen said...

3 months in, but still 9 months to go! That's still a lot of time to get the rest of the goals in!

indigorchid said...

That book (well, the series) caused quite a stir here in Norway when they were being released! I haven't read them myself, but I gather they are.. intriguing? Provocative? Engrossing? Looking forward to what you have to say about them! And best luck on the list of course, with #19 being the most important - we should all do that.

Linda C said...

Due to my scattered mind, I first read the beginning of your post as lamenting you had only gotten 39 of the 49 things done in 3 months. Then I read more carefully. I am so impressed at all you have done thus far. I too find that I tend to leave health and fitness and such things as haircuts on the to be done sometime. If you do a vegan meal once a week, would that satisfy you? I went out and walked around the yard the other day - it really is a big yard. The terrible raw weather which can aggravate the asthma is over for the next few days, so that reason for staying inside isn't valid.

Another book called A DEATH IN THE FAMILY is by James Agee. Super book, but it may be out of print. I couldn't get the link to your book to work, but I will. It does sound like a Scandinavian mystery, which I usually like.


velosewer said...

You're doing a really great job of achieving lots this year. I hope you enjoy the journey.

rosylea said...

If one of your goals were to be inspiring other would-be makers you have certainly achieved it - my increasingly prolific (and increasingly well-made, if I may say so...) clothes production is a source of great pleasure and satisfaction. Your posts are very enabling!

jessica said...

Wow! Has 3 months passed already? I have to say, given everything that's going on in your life, what you've done so far is pretty impressive already! And it seems to bring you joy.

So ... the former health coach in me can't help but pipe up re: goals. I think you might have an easier time if you reframe some of your "currently neglected" goals around fitness, nutrition, and social interactions. For example, "meet other knitters" could become "attend a knitting meetup" or "connect with a couple local Ravelers" or whatever feels comfortable and doable. "49 Days of Vegan Living" could morph into "find 3 vegan recipes that I really like" - because hey, if you like them and they become familiar to you, it'll be a lot easier to incorporate them easily into your week! (Or, since you've got room for a couple more, maybe that's an addendum, haha) "Make connections" - is this for work? - could be: join LinkedIn, attend a networking event, meet 2 new people at a conference, etc. I find that with stuff I don't like, it helps to start myself off small and build from there :-). Building momentum!

Anyhoo, just a couple thoughts. Thank you for sharing these with us, it's always a treat to click on over to your blog and read what you've been up to. Your voice and spirit always make me smile!

jessica said...

Oh! Sorry, your posts always make me feel like I want to sit down and chat. One thing that's helped me feel more active/less sedentary, has been to create an informal "standing desk" for myself at work. I basically jerry rigged a box and several stacks of photocopy paper to approximate the dimensions of a standing desk. Now I can stand and type :-). I only use it ~2-4 hours out of the day, but it helps me feel like I'm a little less sedentary. Of course, I'm also lucky enough to work in a place where several of us have such improvised solutions, so it doesn't seem too out of place ... Just another thought.