Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Week in Knitting with A New Obsession

OK Roo, what's going on? 
That's not your cardigan or a sock or a blanket, is it?
It looks suspiciously like a shawl...?

This is Vintage Fremont by Jami Brynildson.  It is an asymmetric triangular shawl - not your usual "wingspan" style, but a long, pointy dangley shard of a drapey thing.  Mostly garter stitch, it is worked in slices with wedges of lace at the wide end.
And it is a compulsive knit.
I cast this on last Monday and I over halfway done.
I might just sit down and crank out the rest today.

The yarn is salvaged from a failed design project:  Skein Queen Flockly in the colour "Hollowgast".  It is soft and drapey in a deeply sinister grey / green which shifts murkily in daylight and creeps up on me from the shadows at night.  And really it ought to freak me out in my high-pitched state of post-work-stress.  Instead, it is my steampunk rebellion knitting.  After the zombie apocalypse, when my workplace is just a mushroom cloud of asbestos dust, I will still be knitting in my rural idyll.
Or something.
When I have finished this one (a gift), I want to knit another.  And another.
Which is why there isn't much progress to show on my second Arnulf sock

Or my Monte Rosa cardigan.
But it's not going away.  I still love it and enjoy the knitting of it.
I'll get there.
After I save the world, obviously.


bbarna said...

Zombie apocalypse knitting- I love it!! My son and I have learned to knit socks and I would like to do a shawl next. It looks beautiful :-)
Barb from Canada

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Love the shawl! What is it about those color shifts that's so compelling? Although the yarn looks like it could bring on the zombie apocalypse, I want to rush out & buy some.