Tuesday, February 25, 2014

An Unexpected Craft-Urge

You see this hat?
I love it.  I want it.  I gotta have it.
The only obstacle in my way is that it is crocheted, and my skills are... um... rusty at best.
But something about the looping lines of roses circling the model's flaxen locks gripped me the moment I saw this in Issue 50 of "Inside Crochet".
I had never picked up this magazine before.  Because I don't "get" crochet... or so I thought.
But as I turned the pages, my eyebrows climbed higher and higher.  If I had been wearing a hat, they would have disappeared under the brim.

Crikey - that is a pretty stunning over-top-thing!
It is kinda 70's, but in a good way.  I can absolutely see myself wearing that with my tiered Betsey Johnson maxi skirt!
And that tea-pot-mat has something of a Clarice Cliff vibe going on.  I could totally justify making one of those to save the kitchen table from further scorching.

And this bag is so very much like the ones I have seen in Japanese pattern books and dismissed as an unattainable dream.  In English?  Much more achievable!
 And this shawl uses that variegated yarn to such good effect - ooh yeah!

 I even found myself amused by this affectation of spring flowers to wrap around a tea-cup:

Just what I needed:  a new craft obsession!
I'll start with the hat...


madeinoxford said...

Since its revamp, Inside Crochet has been a great magazine. I cancelled my subscription, because I already have too many crochet patterns, but I ended up buying this one for the shawl pattern. I've recently decided that while I'll knit if I want the FO, I will never *enjoy* knitting the way I enjoy the crochet process, so I'm thinking I might need to renew that subscription! They do have some lovely things...

Sing out if you need a hand with the pattern, but given the amount of help in each issue, you should be fine, and I can't wait to see your hat!

beate grigutsch said...

this new obsession sounds like a lot of fun :-)
i even can see the top on me (i have to be very careful with such 3-dimensionel "fabric")
is there a picture of the front?
mom is a great crocheter and might be able to do just from the look. in thin matte yarn in exactly this rainbow colors, i would wear it in the summer with only a bra/bikinitop.......

Elly said...

Roooob! Thank you for posting that pic of the white/brown bag. Now I have an idea to cover up parts of my useful-but-blurgh-they're-Tescos-fo-shame jute bags :-)

Lorna A said...

Crochet might be next time round's waiting room craft, and given Mike's upward number from yesterday, (less than 2 to 3) it might be needed sooner rather than later.

Twelfthknit said...

I really like that variegated yarn. Something to bear in mind- if you use variegated yarn which a relatively short colour repeat you end up with a camouflage look. Of course, if this is what you are after then that will be perfect, my personal pov is that the longer/subtler repeats as in the shawl you have shown work better

Lynn Barnes said...

How weird is it that, although there are many ways to manipulate fiber into fabric, we each have a decided preference for one way over the others? I can crochet, and have in my lifetime turned out yards of lace edging, and many doilies, and even an afghan or two, but I now hate and despise to crochet. I can tat, I can knot macrame, I can embroider, I can needlepoint, I have used a version of an inkle loom to weave tapes. Still, I have a knitter's heart and hands. That, and sewing garments, are my two needlework loves.