Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Another Day in the Waiting Room (with crochet)

A better day than Friday!
FL's calcium levels were back to normal today.
He was given 4 days' worth of Dexamethasone (steroids) on Friday, which thankfully didn't send him into outer space.  And 5 days' worth of Sodium Bicarbonate:  yes, the same stuff you use to descale your kettle, and for the same reason! And you know what happens when you put bicarbonate in hot water?  It fizzes... So imagine that in your pee...?  Until I put two and two together, I thought FL had taken a sudden unnatural interest in cleaning the toilet every time he used it. 
TMI, Roo!
The drugs are almost finished, so he needs to have another blood test at his GP next week, to keep an eye on his calcium level.
Then back to the hospital in 2 weeks.  His Birmingham results might be back by then.
I knitted about quarter of a sock in the waiting room. I need to remember to take more than one project with me next time... maybe some crochet?
Like my segue?
This is the central mandala of the Inside Crochet Mystery Blanket.  Two very kind Ravellers passed on their copies of the missing parts of the pattern - thank you again!
I am finding this very challenging, as I need to check my "How to Crochet" booklet at almost every step.
So it's not very relaxing, but I love it when I crack the code!  It's like learning a whole new language.  It must be good exercise for my brain!


beate grigutsch said...

good to hear that FL is better!
is this neon orange in the crochet mandala? fun!

Siobhan said...

Those colours are fantastic. Can't wait to see how he blanket progresses!

MaryinTN said...

Good to hear some good news on the MM. Love the crochet too.

Scruffybadger said...

I've seen what learning crochet 'late in life' has done to my mum....she's an addict! She has made numerous granny square blankets now, the latest trying out all the granny squares in two special granny square books. Not only learning the stitch combos, but understanding how to resize them so that they all come out the same size to then create her blanket. Be warned !!!

christinelaennec said...

That crochet is very beautiful! And, re. fizzy pee - you are a hoot!