Friday, March 14, 2014

FO: Arnulf Socks by Rachel Coopey

I finished my first pair of socks from the Little Bit Club 2014:  a collaboration between Knitting Goddess yarns and Rachel Coopey, sock designer extraordinaire!
These are the January socks:  Arnulf, inspired by Little Red Riding Hood.
Although the instructions come in three sizes, I was always going to make the largest size, with FL in mind. These are woodcutter's socks!
If I can manage to hold out that long, these will be for his birthday in June.  But he is so appreciative of hand-knitted socks I might crack before then! 
And make him another pair :)
I love the unusual combination of stitch patterns and stripes in this design.
When he saw me knitting them, FL commented that it was a shame to hide that amazing colour inside a shoe.  And I see what he means.
But I enjoy the potential of a secret flash of craziness, to be revealed or not when the occasion presents itself!
These have taken me longer than I expected (too many other knitty distractions!) and already I have fallen behind with the sock club.
I still have the February and March kits to knit up, and April will arrive in, what, two weeks?  Oops.
But they are all in such lovely colours and stitch patterns I have absolutely no doubt that I will get round to them.
Did I show you the March colourway?  Maybe not.
It is The Girl's dream of the perfect hair colour:  somewhere between turquoise and jade green.  The contrast colour verges more on blue. 
Truly gorgeous!  Maybe I should make a wig out of it, instead of socks ;)

I have every intention of writing a big blog catch-up post this weekend.  I have loads to show and tell!
Meantime, thank you, again, always, for your kind comments about FL's health relapse.  It was lovely to realise that our old "myeloma pals" are still reading and thinking of us, and that my newer sewing and knitting followers aren't frightened away completely by talk of mortality.


Kestrel said...

I love love that turquoise colour so much - I vote for the wig! :) (or at least a hat)

christinelaennec said...

Those socks are far too attractive to be off in a drawer for the next few months. And I like the idea of the wig as well!

JAG said...

Let's see if this link comes through:


JAG said...

I guess that's what the preview button is for?

See the HalloWig on knitty in the Fall 2004 issue.

rosylea said...

I love the socks, and think you should definitely crack, present them now, and do some more. A well stuffed sock drawer is one of life's joys, especially when they are hand crafted beauties like these!

Emma said...

Those are fabulous socks! Crack! Give them to FL to brighten his feet. :0)
There's plenty of time to knit another pair before June. Plenty. Really...

madeinoxford said...

Those are awesome socks, and a nicely unusual pattern. But oh my, that turquoise. WOW. It's moments like this that I have to remind myself that joining a sock club is daft when I don't knit socks...