Sunday, March 30, 2014

Greetings from the Far West

Recognise my view?
FL and I have returned to a favourite holiday house for a week away from it all.
I brought my crochet project.
But I didn't bring the second ball of light orange yarn.
I am going to have to rip back the current row and choose a different colour.
I underestimated how yarn-gobbley crochet can be!
FL has already ear-marked the best seat in the house.
And he has set up a desk with all his papers and notebooks with the intention of finishing the first 3 chapters of his book this week.
Guess who will be typing them up?
It's all good.  We have books, coffee, food, knitting, crochet, a dress to sew and a dog to walk.
And there might be some cake.
Plenty of cake, please!


Judith said...

Life is indeed 'all-good' with a view like this, and plenty to occupy your mind ... ENJOY!!! ... J

Sarahel said...

So glad you made it. Have a really lovely week.

ravelledsleeve said...

Enjoy your break!

Katy said...

Sounds bliss!

Rehanon Mackenzie said...

This looks like absolute bliss. Have the best time xxx

beate grigutsch said...

enjoy your cake :-)

Carole Mellin said...

What a beautiful, peaceful place. Enjoy with all your heart.

tim's wife said...

Wow, so peaceful just looking at the photos. Must be breathtaking in person. Enjoy! So glad you both got away for some well-deserved rest and change of pace.

Maeve said...

Have a great week. Hope you get some of the mild weather that's about. Eat plenty of cake!

Bubiknits said...

Hi Ruth, I follow your blog since... I guess 2 year now, I love how delicate and passionate you both are! My mom was diagnosed a propensity to Myeloma 1 year and a half ago, each time she gets blood analysis is in panic, we hope for the best. I admire you and your FL, the slice of cake is well deserved! Xo.

Kathryn said...

Ooh I love the colour of your crochet project & the view from the window looks bliss! Where are you? Sounds like you really deserve your holiday - I hope you & your FL both get a good chance to relax!

tccomments2013 said...

how lovely you and FL getting away and the probability of



Big Alice said...

Hooray for a week away from it all!
I am catching up after long lurkage and then long not-keeping-up-with-things. Best wishes to you and FL. I'm sorry things have not been going well. I love the colors in your new dress, they are beautiful! Hope you both have a lovely week.

Textile Art Forum said...

how lovely, I'm quite jealous!

Linda C said...

That view looks like the place you all went to 2012 for a spring holiday. Is it? I'm so glad you have sunshine. Suddenly it is spring here - during the day - for the past few days - but we don't put our coats away. Beautiful sweater you are wearing! Is it a Roo-Made?

Fl looks happy sitting there reading in the sun. I hope he can get some work on his book - unless he finds a really exciting book he gets lost in. I find what I don't bring enough of is not yarn but books. Fortunately holiday places usually do have the spare book or two, and sometimes very interesting. I guess you are not so lucky with yarn. Good times for both-- and lots of cake!