Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Stitchy Catch Up Post

I feel like I have been flying past, posting a string of Finished Objects like some kind of handmade stitching machine!
I had my holiday, I came back, and then The Girl was here for 5 days:  you may have spotted her modelling Christine's Ripon Hat.  She also took home with her:  one Drafting Top, one hooded cardi, and one Vintage Fremont scarf - yay!  That's what daughters are for isn't it?  To help keep their mothers' wardrobes under control ;)
The Girl Was Here
I haven't shared all the stitchy craziness that has been orbitting my head - lucky you!

In knitting news, I decided to make FL some cotton socks.

FL's Immunes
I realise that I did not tell you that FL had a nasty reaction to the single Octagam infusion he was given back in February.
Octagam is basically an injection of someone else's immunes. In theory, it helps an immune-suppressed patient fight off infections.
FL had been suffering from a series of lung infections that multiple doses of antibiotics had not helped to clear, so it was hoped that the Octagam would give him a boost.  In fact, it knocked him flat.  He lost an awful lot of weight and became very weak and breathless.
He also developed a horrible itchy rash on his feet and ankles.  This made sock-wearing almost unbearable.  We have developed a  new ritual of me applying heavy-duty moisturizer to his legs every night to try to soothe his skin.
Eventually, one of the doctors suggested trying Piriton - shazzam!  Relief!  It was "just" part of his reaction to the single dose of Octagam.  But it triggered the idea in my head that he might need cooler, softer socks for the warmer weather.

So I sought out a cotton-mix sock yarn, which other knitters on Ravelry seemed to think was worthwhile.

This is Schoppel-Wolle "Boots" in the "Strange 2072T" colourway.  I bought it under the pseudonym "In The Shoe Shop".  It reminds me a lot of the barkcloth upholstery of the chair in my childhood bedroom.  Contrary to expectations, it is not very soft to the touch.
I may have made a mistake.
For the time being, I am knitting a pair of Hector socks.  It is a super-stretchy stitch pattern and FL loves the first pair I made for him, because they are so easy to get off and on.
However, the last thing he needs right now is a pair of pot-scourers on his ankles.  I will keep on knitting and wash the first sock to see how it feels.  But I am not optimistic.  These might be for The Boy instead!

Perhaps I will give up and knit the latest Knitting Goddess / Rachel Coopey collaboration kit instead - look at those colours!
Mmmm.... rhubarb!
The colourway is called: "You're not my lobster".  Um... right...what?  Sorry, the reference is lost on me, but the colours are glorious!  The pattern that goes with it is Didrika:  love, love, love!

In sewing news, I have been on a stealth-mission to smash my fabric store into submission.
I can report that my stash suitcase is now only half full - woo hoo!
I disposed of an entire box of redundant sewing patterns to the charity shop and sent the good ones to better hand-picked homes :)
So I felt a lot better about succumbing to Anemone, Mortmain, and most recently Beatrice.

Beatrice is a pinafore / apron which I can imagine wearing as my at-home uniform.  I plan to make at least two of these huge-pocketted wonders to live in when I am not at my place of employment.
Linen.  I am thinking lovely crumpley pre-washed linen.

Which leads me to Me Made May...

Me Made May

I already wear home-made clothing every day, so that is not in itself a challenge.
This time around, my personal goals are (1) to smarten up my work wardrobe, and (2) to wear a wider range of me-mades at home.
I am not yet sure how I will document the month, but I intend to take the opportunity to organise myself better and try out / record new "outfit" combinations.  I have been getting into a terrible rut recently, wearing the same few items over and over again.
It should be fun to mix things up a bit.
I also want to use the month as a focus to sew more basics:  a black skirt, a white shirt, camisoles, simple tees... the really boring but necessary staple garments.

I will stop there for now.
I haven't even mentioned my crochet obsession.

Or the new cook book.
Another day!


Linda C said...

The mention of the black skirt and white shirt reminds me of the items that keep appearing on my summer and winter lists. There is the black summer weight pants and the white summer or spring or fall shirt. The pants I want can also be spring or fall. I just want the plain basic pants and the plain basic blouse or shirt. Why are they so hard to find? I do have a pair of wool black wide legged pants for winter. I also have a cream colored or off white shirt and I do have a white shirt---but neither of them are the right shirt I am thinking or - or shall I say "like the one I had before"? Good luck on your looking or just the right patterns .

I did realize the other day I had an "outfit" - and I didn't even know it. I had a navy t-shirt top- actually 2scoop neck tops, i 3/4 sleeve and 1 short sleeved - worn with a straight skirt ( do we call it a pencil skirt today) of red, brown, and navy-grey flowers on a white ground which goes well with a red jacket ( gift from Son 3, found at a thrift store).

I think you were talking about clothes you could grab and wear to work or wherever (Easter outfit for me). I am trying to collect from what I have such things so I am ready for what comes up.

I went to a play with church friends tonight, dinner first. I wish you had some group to go hang out with some time - but I'm glad you and FL can have fun together too. (That is a super gorgeous dress that FL gave you -WOW!) I hope you all can go out on the town sometime and you can wear it---with the shawl!

Carol said...

I think the "lobster" reference is to an episode of Friends. Where Phoebe describes how lobsters mate for life - comparing them to Ross and Rachel.
Mind you, I may be wrong!


Sew little time said...

I was going to day the same as carol -it's a friends reference!

beate grigutsch said...

hope the sock will wash soft....

that apron comes at the right time, i just put a cheap made one (present from mum!) in the fire because after every wash there was something to repair. love the all around design and that it has no buttons or bands...

and i want made a simple black skirt since ages - never come to this. maybe yours give me the kick.


Ros said...

How about bamboo yarn for cool, soft summer socks for FL? Or milk protein yarn?