Saturday, April 26, 2014

FO: Lisette Portfolio Top in Stripey Seersucker

I bought this fabric to make a 1940's pattern blouse, back in 2011.
It became one of those projects that I had made so often in my head that I forgot I hadn't made it, and that this orange and white striped seersucker was still down at the bottom of my stash suitcase, where the wild things are.
Last weekend, I dug it out for an airing.  I had just made my Portfolio pants, and I realised that I would much rather make a relaxed Portfolio top than a starchy blouse.  So I did.
Except I ran out of white thread halfway.  Grrrr.
Today, thanks to some midweek re-stashing (oops!), I threaded up my sewing machine and finished it off.

Pattern:  Lisette Portfolio (Simplicity 2245) in size 8
Fabric:  Just over 1 metre of pure cotton orange and white striped seersucker, from Croft Mill in 2011.  Price forgotten.  Maybe £7.50?
Other:  White thread, interfacing and two emerald green buttons from stash:  it was these or pale blue.  FL is not impressed.  I like them!
Tsk - overlapping buttons? Must fix that!

No real problems.
I spent an awfully long time deciding which way the stripes should run on each piece. I wanted to spice it up a bit by stirring the stripes around. Otherwise it might have looked like a nurse's smock? 
I had a moment of brain-fog when I tried to put the neckband on upside down, but I soon saw my mistake.
And I failed to turn the back loops inside out so re-did them with a folded-under edge and stitching on the outside.

This was a deliberate attempt to replace my white dobby dot Portfolio top which was worn-out beyond salvage.  You might think orange is a difficult colour, but in my experience it goes with most things:  green, blue, black, purple... yes, all of those and more!
But maybe that's just me.
I am expecting to get a lot of wear out of this at the office.
I am wearing it here with my Peggy skirt.  This has become one of my most frequently-worn garments.  The denim holds its shape beautifully, looking crisp all day long, and it is a really rich indigo blue. Love it!

Also pictured:  bead necklace from Silly Old Suitcase.  I have two of these.   The other one doesn't have stars, crosses or roses  - it is plainer in that respect.  I have a lot of fun with them, as they pick up the colours in my clothes so well.  They are the same... but different. A bit like my new top!
 The light has been really strange today...


Sarahel said...

Love the use of stripes, and the contrast buttons. Great outfit. Beautiful photos

beate grigutsch said...

gorgeous, beautiful blouse!
very good job arranging the stripes! love the grass green buttons :-)
stunning photos of the land!!!

Donna Hensley said...

It looks like a happy make! The light in that last photo is beautiful.

Helen said...

Good use of the stripes! I love that! The colour is great too. I have 2 orange cardigans and maintain they go with everything!

dottiedoodle said...

What a great outfit! Love the stripes and the buttons, and I'm a fan of orange too.

madeinoxford said...

I love how the stripes go in all different directions. It's really effective and breaks the shape up nicely - nothing smock-like about it!

rosylea said...

Great blouse - (itching with irritation that I can't get hold of a copy!) I like what you have done with the stripes.

Check out the guardian's buy of the day some time last week - I think yours is prettier but orange stripes are obviously where it's at.

Louise Perry said...

Yes I can see this top going with lots of colours. The multi-directional strpes really make this fun too. A great make.

Lynn Barnes said...

Who says that orange is difficult? Fie on them! That soft, sherbet orange of your seersucker plays particularly well with others.

We say of that sort of sunshine rays "the sun is drawing water" where I live. (The implication is that you'll have lots of rain, and soon.) When the sun shines brightly during a summer rain shower, we say "the Devil is beating his wife."