Friday, April 11, 2014

FO: Ripon Hat by Rachel Coopey

The last of my holiday knitting is complete!
This is the Ripon Hat by Rachel Coopey from her Toasty collection.
As you can see, it looks great with a nose-ring!

But this hat doesn't belong to The Girl.
It is about to have a little bath in wool wash before I send it off to its rightful home with Christine.
You might spot a couple of ladders between the cables?
Those will block right out :)
This is what comes of knitting hats on dpns and trying to "transition" in between the cables:  uneven tension - tsk!
The yarn is from JC Rennie - Unique Shetland I think? It only took one 50g ball to knit this hat - amazing!
So Christine has enough left to knit herself another one... or add a pom pom?
It would look fab with a pom pom!
Now all I have left to finish from my holiday projects is my crochet blanket... um, maybe not this week!


Mairead Hardy said...

Christine is a very lucky lady!

Donna Hensley said...

It's a beautiful hat - and yes, those will block right out! Knitting is so forgiving. :)

beate grigutsch said...

love the color!!
beautiful hat - christine is a lucky gal!

RooKnits said...


indigorchid said...

Beautiful hat, lucky recipient! I have a tip about avoiding the ladders, something I picked up from an Elisabeth Zimmerman book once: Carry over a few stitches (however many makes sense in your pattern) from the next needle (when you're at the end of the old one), so you are constantly rotating the stitches. Example, if you have 14 stitches on each needle, knit 15 stitches - the 14 original, then one more from the next needle. It really works! (I hope that made sense!)

tim's wife said...

Hi Roo,

That exact cat pitcher from your holiday home is on Ebay right now. Current bid is $16.50 US and auction ends tomorrow. 4/14 Just sayin'.