Wednesday, April 09, 2014

FO: Vintage Fremont Shawl: House of the Rising Sun

The shawl:  Vintage Fremont by Jami Brynildson
The dress:  a ridiculously extravagant, delicate and beautiful gift from FL.  (From Brora.)
For weddings, graduations and funerals he says.
Let's stick to the first two, shall we?
The yarn:  Crown Mountain Farm Sock Hop handspun in "House of the Rising Sun".
I had 400 yards.
This shawl takes 400 metres.
Yes, of course I ran out!

It took 200 yards to reach the end of the 12th wedge.
I decided to work one less "plain" wedge (so 11 instead of 12) and then another 6 of the graduated wedges.
This got me 2/3 of the way along the pointy bind-off edge before I was certain I would not make it.
I improvised a couple of smaller pointy bits and then cast the rest off "plain"... except you know how it is.  I had just enough yarn left to work a little loop of i-cord at the very end of the point to weight it.
I have this half-thought that I might sew a button on somewhere to secure it... but I haven't done it yet.

It may be a little "rustic"in texture to pair with this dress, but the colours are a perfect match.
Obviously, I will get my hair fixed and dig out my amber necklace when it comes to The First Occasion.
It was a lovely thing to knit and I think it will be a lovely thing to wear.


beate grigutsch said...

you can always wear a brooch.

the shawl is beautiful! the perfect topping for the gorgeous dress. i wish you lots of weddings, graduations, silver and gold annuals, a invitation to lisbeth´s garden party......

Sarahel said...

I don't think it's too rustic, it's a perfect pairing. Lovely to see that dress for real rather than in the catalogue. It looks great on you.

Jen Forsythe said...

Beautiful shawl, colours compliment the dress (which is amazing) so well. Hope you have lots of lovely occasions to show it off.

Ruth Wilson said...

Beautiful dress and shawl

sewstyled said...

So beautiful. You will be the centre of attention with that gorgeous dress and shawl.

jessica said...

How incredibly beautiful! The scarf is absolutely gorgeous, and I hope FL knows that he has superb taste :-). The two are a perfect pair!

Twelfthknit said...

I think the difference in textued works really well

Donna Hensley said...


ambermog said...

Love it and you look stunning:)

MaryinTN said...

Beautiful dress and shawl

tea and cake said...

FL knows you so well, that beautiful dress is perfect for you x

acharmofmagpies said...

Egads that dress is beautiful, you deserve to be spoiled and FL has done a marvelous job. The shawl is simply stunning and the two look wonderful together!

Ms Goodenough said...

An amazing gift, so thoughtful. It looks perfect.