Friday, April 04, 2014

Love Cats? The Holiday Cure

Have a sneak peak at my Mortmain dress :)
It is still bristling with an armoury of pins but I should finish it in another hour or so...
except I don't have a spare hour right now.
So much for my plans for posing by the holiday house piano in my finished dress!
It was a grey and rainy day on our last day in Ullapool:  perfect sewing weather!
I spent the whole afternoon at my sewing machine, listening to podcasts as I stitched.
FL surprised me by settling down in front of the tv to watch a film.  Daytime tv?!  Whatever next!
I caught this sneaky picture of him yesterday, wearing my Lonely Tree Shawl :)
Mr "Scarves are for Wimps" has not taken it off since I draped it round him the other day.  Ha!
He has developed a whole vocabulary of shawl styling for himself.
This evening he was working a bit of a Cary Grant look, with it tucked into the neck of his sweater, which was in turn tucked into his belted chino-esque trousers.  Sadly, I have no photo to prove it... and he would deny any attempt at "fashion"... but I was there and I saw it!
It has been a lovely relaxing holiday.
Where we stayed
We didn't attempt any sightseeing or days out.
And I think we are both feeling a bit better for having done nothing much for a week.
Home again tomorrow.
And a finished dress soon!


Sarahel said...

Yours is my favourite Mortmain to date. So glad you were both able to recharge in a lovely place.

Sarah said...

I love your kitty Mortmain! And FL is rocking his 'man shawl'. :)

Mela R. said...

Super adorable! I have my eye on this pattern. Hoping I can find a US vendor selling it at an affordable price. So far $30 is a bit much for me.

dovegreyreader said...

Oh New BF (!) that is gorgeous, you are so very clever, and tell man in shawl that swaddling is very this year, he is right on trend. So pleased you have had a restful week, I'm thinking it will have done you both good and there is nothing like getting into the flow of stitching ...did you read this I forget everything else when I am making.

poppyinstitches said...

love your Mortmain! Your week away sounds blissful, escaping everything and just enjoying being without the everyday stresses.

Jenni said...

Glad you had such a restful break x with a beautiful dress too, Result!

Miss said...

what a lovely holiday for you both, sounds delicious. and that frock is marvellous. you sure know your fitting! is that some pattern matching I see between bodice and skirt? brava!

maevesshed said...

Roo, your dress is just delightful, I love it. Glad you have had a lovely break. Sometimes it's best to do very little. I have 3days away with husband next weekend - no boys! & hoping to do very little in our little 1 bedroom 'castle'!

Cazz said...

I adore the fabric.

I've just finished watching the last 7 episodes of sewing beecand I am inspired. I've bought some pattern on pinned a load of pictures on Pinterest. Where I saw a picture of you :o)

madeinoxford said...

Doing nothing is not just good for the soul sometimes, it's absolutely necessary. Sounds like you've had a great break, and your dress looks awesome!