Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunshine and Flowers

This weekend I got started on the annual weeding marathon.
An hour a day and I might keep on top of it.
It is fantastic to see the sinks at the side of the house coming into bloom with last year's tulips, anemones and grape hyacinths.  There are a couple of thyme plants in there too.

Indoors, I have a bunch of narcissi, picked at the side of the farm road, in a jug on top of the woodburner - I must remember to move it before FL lights the fire for the evening!
I did some sewing today, but it was an unplanned stash-dive and I ran out of white thread. That most basic of provisions, and I managed to run out on a Bank Holiday weekend!
Never mind.
I have my Mystery Crochet Blanket to get on with.  Almost every row brings an exciting new stitch to practice.
I am going into work tomorrow, "Holiday Monday" - it will be peaceful enough to catch up on some serious report-writing.
FL has a hospital appointment on Tuesday and I can't afford to take two days out of the office at this time of year.
I will take in some daffodils to brighten up my desk  and maybe I can listen to some knitting podcasts while I work.  I am almost looking forward to it!


sewingslowly said...

Lovely. I hope you enjoy the peace!

Tamsin said...

Your old kitchen sinks look beautiful and I love the photo of the narcissi. very spring like!

Linda C said...

I hope spring is finally there for you - and me. Yesterday was cold and grey and rainy and windy. Today was warm and beautiful with blue skies all day.A bit of wind this morning- not that bad. Enjoy the bank holiday at work- may it be peaceful and productive. I love all your flowers . I still have three pots of poinsettas in the kitchen and a pot of some sort of fern on the dining table, plus an amaryllis, which I am waiting to die back so I can save it for November. I have been coveting the hycacinths at the store and the tulips and the daffodils at the grocery stores. Did you learn the Wordsworth bit in school--"And then my heart with rapture fills--and dances with the daffodils"?


beate grigutsch said...

that knitted rainbow turns out really beautiful!
i love this spring flowers - once you burry a humble bulb in you have pretty blooms every spring.
.....if the mice don´t eat them....;-)