Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Tea by the Sea

Fruit Slice and a pot of tea = £3.50  Bargain!
Yesterday, the cafe overlooking the shore opened for The Season.  Reminiscent of the First Night of a long-awaited Broadway revival, the owner's exuberant excitement was almost too much for me after several days of peaceful retreat from the world.
But there was cake.
Cake of a quality which will require me to gather my strength for a repeat performance before we go home.
The owner makes fabulous art-teachery jewellery too.  Definitely a destination for the stereotypical English Visitor of a certain age.  (And me.)
Lisette Portfolio dress comes out to play - yay!
Back at the holiday house, I have made  a toile bodice for my Mortmain dress.  As far as I can tell, it is going to fit.  But a tailor's dummy would have been helpful.  How else to check the fit without a spare zip or yogic pinning skills?
Toile-ing away:  say cheese and bend your knees
Today I cut out my "real" fabric.
A game of match-the-cat
And knitted a bit of Christine's hat.
Second repeat of Chart C underway
And I turned my back on the dog long enough for him to find and devour a deer bone in the forest... and wash it down with some fresh highland spring water.  It's worse than having a toddler.
FL is having a sleepy day today.


madeinoxford said...

As someone whose first day back at work has been a bit of a shock to the system, I am unbelievably jealous of what looks like a lovely break. Yummy cake and awesome crafting - hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday :)

Lynn Barnes said...

At least the dog didn't roll in dead deer. (Or, did it?) Enjoy your lovely holiday break.

poppyinstitches said...

love the idea of sewing away on holiday! The Mortmain dress is a fabulous choice, its my favorite pattern right now.

beate grigutsch said...

I can not wait for the finished dress to be seen!
but first I really need cake ....

happy creating! xxxx

Rehanon Mackenzie said...

Ooh my days that cake looks completely delicious. Lovely break too :)

Linda C said...

You are probably through with your dress by now- can hardly wait to see it! I hope the week has continued to be as lovely and peaceful as it started, and I hope you make it back to the Cafe for cake several times.


Ruth Wilson said...

I always enjoy your sewing posts, look forward to seeing the dress. The cake looked scrumptious.