Thursday, May 08, 2014

Me Made May: the first week

6 May 2014
The first week of Me Made May was a weird one with an interview and a Bank Holiday thrown into the mix.
To remind you: I aimed to smarten up my work "look" and to make more use of my me-mades at home.

7 May 2014
Well... the interview confirmed my sneaking suspicion that I don't actually want to be "suited and booted" at work. I may very well be in the wrong workplace. But for the time being, I have never actually been asked to go home to change / wash the blue dye out of my hair, so I am going to continue to brazen it out, for the sake of my own sanity.
So here is what I wore to the office on 4 days out of the 5 work days in May so far (I didn't take a photo on Day 1).
2 May 2014
2 May:  my Darling Ranges Bluebirds and Pansies dress, for my interview.
And then...oh look - I wore the same skirt 3 days running!
8 May 2014
This is not some sort of MMM "pose". This is fairly typical of how I dress to work at the moment. That dark denim Peggy-esque skirt is my uniform. Looking back at my diary since I made it in February, I have worn it 16 times. That's pretty good going!
6 May:  worn with my new Lisette Portfolio blouse.
7 May:  worn with my rehab-ed 1940's vintage pattern back-buttoning blouse.
8 May:  worn with my Liberty roses Colette Sencha blouse.
Despite what I told Zoe, I haven't worn my Audrey-in-Unst cardi since 1 May.
In my head, the Boden cardigan is the smartening-up element in these outfits. Maybe I need to suck it up and buy more ready-to-wear thin cardigans, even though I am "A Knitter". In homewear, I have consistently pushed myself to wear my casual dresses. So my purple Darling Ranges came out to play on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
 My evening "home clothes" since then have included my denim Lisette Portfolio dress, worn over my only pair of leggings or jeans (when the leggings were in the wash). Does this mean I should make some leggings... or is life too short?!

11 comments: said...

I love that floral dress! Yes, make some leggings if getting the fabric is easy and affordable. Once you get your pattern down, you'll make a million of them. Or buy some.

jessica said...

Lovely outfits! My "smartest" work cardigan is definitely RTW, none of my handmade ones ever quite seem to give me the same feel. I don't think there's anything wrong with investing in a couple - especially if it gives you the "smart factor" breathing space to get playful with the rest of your outfit :-). By that same token, a neutral blazer has the same effect, only is even more formal - I"m always amazed at what bright/quirky/playful dresses I can get away with, if I just throw my gray blazer on top of it.

Oh, and that Lisette Portfolio dress has me aching to make up one myself! I have the pattern, just have yet to cut into it ... hm ...

Macska said...

You should definitely make some leggings! They're fast and fun to make, and you can get all crazy with printed fabrics. :-)

Sarah Liz said...

What a nice selection of me mades - and I agree, leggings to go under that gorgeous print dress. Nice and warm.

Scruffybadger said...

I love seeing the appearance of your liberty Sencha each me made may! I agree leggings take hardly any time- an hour and a half? And for the transition from cool spring into lighter dresses they are super useful, as you know!

Colleen said...

If you buy the Cake pattern for making leggings, you will never buy them again. Throw in some merino wool knit and you'll wear them every single minute of the day.

They are so so so easy!

pootleandmake said...

I like your latest Portfolio blouse. I've worn mine twice to date during MM-May. It's great for work wear. Your denim version is lovely too.

Donna Hensley said...

I think these are all beautiful looks for you! I hope you are comfortable in them and inspired by them :)

The Foggy Knitter said...

Unless you enjoy hours of stockingette stitch in laceweight (what you neither?) I'd buy the lightweight cardigans, they are useful and good for layering as well as smartening. Unless you have a knitting machine/friend with a knitting machine and can get some that way.
Do you need an overlocker for leggings?
I can see why you'd wear the blue skirt so often, I think I'd find myself wearing it a lot if I'd made it, it's very versatile (mind you I am a very boring dresser so you may wish to ignore everything I say).

Kirsty said...

I adore all these outfits as I can imaagine stealing every single one. The first outfit is just gorgeous.

Lynn Barnes said...

Dear Foggy Knitter: I made tights and leggings and bodysuits in the 1980s, in the first big aerobic exercise craze frenzy. Still have those patterns, still use them. Did not have an overlocker then, used a stretch stitch on my regular machine. Unless your 4-way-stretch knit ravels (most don't) you only need to overlock the edges of your seams if you like the way that finish looks. I would take the time to sew a stretch seam, and not rely merely on overlock seams, for garments that get a great deal of stress on the seams (i.e., leggings, tights, swim suits, girdles, etc.)