Thursday, May 01, 2014

Me Made May: the Inventory

On Sunday, I emptied my wardrobe onto the bed for a pre- Me Made May assessment.
My aims for the month are to smarted up my act at work, and make more of my me-mades at home.
So for the first time ever, I separated out the garments that are Fit For Work, as opposed to "clothes that fit"!
It should not come as a surprise to me, but I have far more tops than bottoms.
Well - duh!  If I keep making tops, there will be more tops in the wardrobe!
I really truly only have one pair of trousers that are Fit For Work, the new Lisette Portfolio ones.  I need to mend my 1940's-pattern wide navy ones, as the turn-ups are falling down .  And to be honest they are looking a bit tired...
Although I have 14 me-made skirts, only 6 of them are Fit For Work in non-snowy weather.
I have 4 dresses that are Fit.
6 long-sleeved tees.
6 woven tops with sleeves.
4 woven tops without sleeves.
1 jacket.

I am a lot more excited by the Home-Wear category, where all the funky young things are having a party!  There's my maxi skirt, 2 pairs of shorts, 2 Darling Ranges dresses, 2 Portfolio dresses - woo hoo!  Now I just have to remember to wear them :)  And I have at least 2 "going out" tops that need to see the light of day... or night.

I didn't itemise my hand-knits.  It's the usual story:  no me-made thin cardigans.
I actually cracked and bought 2 from Boden last week:  one black and one navy.  Made in China.  No need to point your finger at me for lack of moral fibre, I am perfectly capable of doing that to myself, thank you.  As I said, I cracked.  None of us are perfect, least of all me.


Scruffybadger said...

Can't wait to see your me made may. It's always a treat!

Emma said...

Thing cardi: You need to make a Bajads! Look up on Ravelry. Brilliant design, very clever and can be as plain or funky as you like. It's all about the colours.

You have made a lot of lovely stuff

Emma said...

THIN cardi, not thing! Duh!

rosylea said...

Your me-made ideas are most inspirational, I'm looking forward to the pics.

Lynn Barnes said...

How fun to plan and buy for new clothing! Or trepidatious. Decision-making is the worst part of being an adult, to me. Looks (to me) as if navy blue core pieces will serve you best! Or possibly emerald green ... don't know how conservative is your workplace. I am at the end of useful life of an olive green set (skirt, jacket, trews and more trews) that has served much better than I ever expected. I wanted charcoal grey, but the green was all I could find in natural fibers and in my price range, at the time.

Jane said...

We should combine our wardrobes, I never makes tops and have too many bottoms!

Cazz said...

I hope to one day have loads of home made in my wardrobe too. Really love your home made clothes.

Cazz said...

Think you need some grey trousers or skirts, great foil for your gorgeous tops. Also some tartan...ok maybe that's just me, I'm a tartan fan.