Friday, May 23, 2014

Me Made May Week Three, Harebells and Health

I can't talk about this week until I show you the harebells.
These are what I can see from the kitchen sink when I am doing the washing up.
Everything is incredibly lush and green at the moment.
Sometimes (often) I can't believe I live here.

To all intents and purposes this is my back garden... but you couldn't sit out here.  It is almost always windswept or damp or both.
Anyway... Me Made May Week Three found me at home more than usual.  FL was in a lot of pain and couldn't get around without my help.  I had to learn how to lift him.  And we did the conga to get from the bedroom to the toilet.  We take our fun where we can find it.
So my "outfits" were irrelevant.
I wore my Deer and Doe Plantain tee and my repurposed linen knit hoodie with jeans.

And I wore my Portfolio dress with jeans.
Here - have some more greenery.

We were back at the hospital on Tuesday.  The Consultant authorised another month of Pomalidomide, even though FL's white cell count plummeted to 0.6 at one point.  They have decided they need to see him once a week from now on.
I made it back to work on Wednesday.
I wore my new favourite combination of Portfolio top and Peggy-esque skirt, with Boden cardi and Silly Old Suitcase beads.  The same as I wore twice before this month  - cos if it works, don't fix it!
I gathered the energy to try out a new outfit on Thursday.  This is my Simplicity pattern 1388 sleeveless top with watermelon linen Chardon skirt... and the Boden cardigan again.  Despite what the face seems to indicate, I liked wearing this  :)
Hey look - it's almost the weekend again - yay!  Sewing time!!!!


Maeve said...

Your harebells are so lush and beautiful Roo. Take care and keep the spirits up.

Lynn Barnes said...

You might go ahead and set up a weekly rota of your favorite outfits for a while, so you don't have to think about what to wear while your mind is (necessarily) set on other tasks. Make sure that each outfit is something that makes you happy to wear! Your co-workers will not care one whit if they see you wear the same outfit more than once each month. It sounds boring, but an established routine can be a great comfort in times of distress. Later, when time stretches out again, you can play Recombinant Wardrobe.

CarolS said...

You're looking great, love your clothes. Thinking of you and of you making fun.x

Twelfthknit said...

Sounds like things are rough. Hope you are OK

Twelfthknit said...

Sounds like things are rough. Hope you are OK

Linda C said...

Sorry it's been a rough week for you and FL. The scenery is beautiful. I wish you both a much better weekend. I hope you get lots of sewing time in, plus some extra sleep.


Every time I see your navy Boden cardigan, I smile. I too picked two of them in the sales this spring and one is the very same navy one. I can tell by the green facing. My other was a bright yellow.

justsewtherapeutic said...

You have a lovely sense of style that emanates from how you put your outfits together. Hope you get some quality time and a peaceful weekend despite how hard things are for you at the moment. Helen x

Jen Forsythe said...

At times like this, it's great to have a few core outfits that work for you, that you don't have to think too hard about, but important to still feel good in. I have had a strange May too with my dad in hospital very ill and now trying to cope at home. This past year I have realised how important sewing & knitting is to my well-being & relaxation especially if you have a loved-one who is ill. It's good we have it and I hope you have a lovely sewing week-end.

MaryinTN said...

Beautiful flowers and outfits Roo. Very sorry to hear FL is in such pain. Sending healing thoughts and prayer toward you and FL

Selliottoz said...

Hello Roo, love the outdoor photos, everything is lush nd green from my bedroom window (where I'm lying down, knitting) too. It seems quite strange after a dry, even for Western Australia, summer where we had no rain from October to April. I think that Lynn Barnes had. A great idea about the daily outfit list./ rota. I'm a doctor with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma (although I'm well enough to work full time, and I also see a lot of patients who have trouble with simple things such as what to wear while the cope with the big things with little difficulty! Makes lists, lists, lists, best of luck to you.


Scruffybadger said...

Sew like the wind Roo, and hope your weekend is calm. Sorry times are tough, keep doing some of the little things that keep you going. Big hugs x

Star speckles said...

Oh hon, so sorry. Hope you have fun sewing xx