Tuesday, June 03, 2014

My Summer of Socks

Warning:  this post includes spoilers of the Rachel Coopey mystery sock KAL "Pavilion", and the Knitting Goddess / Rachel Coopey sock club for June.
If you don't want to see either of those, please leave now :)
I am reading a book in French at the moment:  "L'Elegance Du Herisson" (The Elegance of the Hedgehog).  This is an attempt to invigorate my ancient braincells with the challenge of a language that is not my own.  As my reading time tends to be late at night, I often wake in the morning with random phrases running through my head.
One of the characters is described as: "Un bon gars qui aime une biere fraiche" (A good bloke who likes a cool beer) and when I saw this photo of FL, I was immediately reminded of it... especially as the same character is also called a "frog-intellectual-leftie" (please don't ask me to recall the French!).  FL has many facets to his character!
So here we are in the garden on a warm summer's day... he has a cold beer and his notebook and I have a coffee and my knitting.  Perfect!
We are having astonishingly pleasant weather here.  My garden is a blaze of colour with everything blooming at the same time, regardless of their usual timetable.  At one point there were still a few narcissi beside tulips, bluebells and the occasional poppy!
Today we were back at the hospital and the news was much better than expected.
The Pomalidomide is zapping FL's myeloma.  His kappa freelite score has fallen from 790 to 450 to 95 over the past few months.  The problem is that it is absolutely vicious poison and the doctors are having to monitor his haemoglobin and white cells closely, as both fell life-threateningly low last month.  So he has to report in once a week on a Tuesday, and has a standing appointment for a blood transfusion every Wednesday, to be used only as required.
He got a reprieve this week - yay!
So I am spending a lot of time in the Waiting Room...
I have therefore declared this to be My Summer of Socks.
First up:  Ehren from the Little Bit sock club (Rachel Coopey and the Knitting Goddess).  This was the kit from last month.  These are for FL's birthday on 12 June.
Yeah... maybe...
...because I also felt compelled to join the Unwind Festival / Rachel Coopey Mystery Sock KAL "Pavilion".
I am using a Skein Queen yarn from the stash:  Squash, in the colour Turkish Delight.
I had previously wound this yarn into one big ball, and it was only when I finished Clue One that I realised I couldn't work a second sock unless I unwound the rest of the ball to split it in two.  Oh Roo, you dimwit!
So I am thinking through that little scenario.
Meantime, I had scavenged the 2.5mm  needles from Ehren to allow me to get this far... and then had to steal them back today, after passing the colourwork section of Ehren (which I worked on 2.75mms) - phew!  Complicated!
So there was nothing for it, but to order another two sets of needles, just to be on the safe side.
I had to buy a skein of insane yarn to qualify for free postage - aw, shame!
This is Regia Fluormania in the DK weight, so 150g of neon self-striping madness.
FL suggested a scarf...
Be careful what you wish for, my dear!
Also in the post this week:  the latest Knitting Goddess / Rachel Coopey club yarn.
Did somebody say "gorgeous"?
The pattern is pretty spiffy too.
This might have to be my next pair!
 I will leave you for today with an outfit photo.
I finally got round to wearing my Factory Dress.
I really like it!  So comfortable and not nearly as baggy as I remembered.
I just might have to make another one soon!


Aberdonian said...

How are you liking L'Elegance du hérisson? I have read it a few years back and didn't care much for it. I much preferred Une gourmand use by the same author.

tneifeld said...

I hope two additional sets of needles are enough.

lemon said...

You two look like dear friends to me :) Thank you for posting about your life and knitting. My love to both of you.

Roobeedoo said...

Aberdonian - I am finding the book a bit laboured at the moment, with too many smug characters and repetitions. But I have learned lots of new words and I am surprised to be able to read quite fluently. I believe it has been made into a film. I might track it down after I finish!

The Foggy Knitter said...

I did exactly the same thing starting the Pavilion socks, mercifully I was only a few rounds in so could easily frog, split the ball and continue (and I had been getting the rib wrong anyway, reading the pattern really helps). Love the neon sock yarn and I love that cardigan you're wearing, the dress looks good too.

cutitoutstitchitup said...

I made some socks for my daughter in the fluormania yarn and they are just fab!

I've been thinking about making that factory dress ever since you first mentioned it. It is really lovely.

Sandy said...

I just finished reading "Abdication" a sort of re-creation of the Edward and Simpson relationship, but with characters who were considerably more appealing than the former king and his addiction.

Loved seeing the two of you happily enjoying your pleasant weather!! Hugs to you both!

MaryinTN said...

Glad the meds are helping FL. He looks like he is enjoying that beer. Your garden is beautiful and your sock is awesome. This is my sock summer too. Our Sammi went to the emergency room over the weekend. Lots of waiting time for knitting......

Nicky said...

I love the cardigan you are wearing in the last photo.

La mouette au sec said...

I loved so much your merchant and mills make that I have just bought two patterns this morning, including that factory dress! Thanks for the discovery of new patterns! And although I don t leave comments often-I love your blog!
Take care!