Sunday, June 29, 2014

Playing with my Paint Box

Photo by Christine Laennec
Last Saturday I met up with my knitterly pal, Christine Hooray!
We scooted out to Oyne where we enjoyed good coffee, good food, and some wonderful relaxed stitching while we caught up on each other's news.  Christine exhibited remarkable self-control in the yarn section of Touched by Scotland.  Me? I couldn't walk away from 2 skeins of Colinette Cadenza in the colourway "Paint Box".

Dappled Mitts pattern by Shirley Macdonald
 A week later, and I decided to take my new yarn for a test-run.
I thought the splotchy dye would look best as crochet, and started out by trying the Dappled Mitts pattern from Inside Crochet, Issue 48 (above).
That sad little strip of work took me ages and doesn't do justice to either the yarn or the pattern.

Pattern by Elizabeth Trantham
For my next attempt, I went back to basics and used the "Colorful Stripey Fingerless Mitts" pattern by Elizabeth Trantham (above).  This was much quicker, and much more like the paint-spattered effect I was expecting from this yarn.
But the more I looked at it, the more I thought this yarn would be better-suited to a baby-centric project.
So I did the decent thing and stored it away in the stash, waiting for the next knit-worthy baby to be born.  It may be there for some time... but that's OK.
Better that than fighting its true destiny.
Vintage Fremont, nearing completion
Today I returned to Vintage Fremont, Act Three.
I had knitted 25 pointy wedges (instead of the original 18), and "all" I had left to do was the zigzag bind-off.
I decided the only thing to be done was to sit down and commit to finishing it.
Eight hours, several coffees and a chocolate brownie later....
It is upstairs, blocking on a towel.  Two towels, actually.
That zigzag bind-off edge is 2.5 metres long.
As FL would say:  "Cheese-oh!"
Yup, it's a big fella. 


beate grigutsch said...

great match of blouse, necklace and yarn :-)
that splotchy yarn is beautiful! a baby would be very happy with it!
i made the same experience with fabric - a special patterned/printed material needs a simple cut. so because i use to love colorful printed fabric all my homemade clothes are cut in simple ancient ways......

Ingrid Kopka said...

Hi Roo,

Sorry for the late comment! I just wanted to say I find your blog very inspiring. I admire the many beautiful things you make.

I was so glad you mentioned about Colinette Cadenza (in Paintbox) - I didn't know it existed in soft Merino. I managed to place a special order with one of the wool shops here in Antwerp! (I had nearly ordered it in Jitterbug which I used before, but now i know the difference, the Cadenza is much softer. I'm hoping to make a Cardigan from it.

Have you decided what you will make from it yet?

Your Vintage Fremont Shawls look so lovely, I must try that pattern some day.

Currently I love to crochet, I found this such a nice pattern: (South Bay Shawlette) - I just made a second version in Malabrigo Silky Merino Indecieta, plus a small black lacy necklace. It is great for adaptations!

Greetings from Belgium!

Ingrid xx