Friday, June 06, 2014

The State of the Enterprise

Elbow number one of FL's sweater
"Captain's Log
Stardate 060614.1951

We have entered a spectacular binary sock system in the Rachel Coopey sector on a most critical mission of sockalogical research. Our eminent guest, Ms Roo BeeDoo will attempt to study the decline of crochet expelled at relativistic speeds from a massive stellar implosion which will occur here in a matter of hours."
Elbow number two of FL's sweater
  • "Captain's Log, supplemental. Our stash doors have clearly been tampered with and yet there is no sign of a breach of security on board. We have engines back and will attempt to complete our mission. But without a reliable knitter, Ms Roo Bee Doo's experiment is in serious jeopardy."
  • "Captain's Log, supplemental. Ms Roo Bee Doo has used her influence to have planet Twisted Limone designated the new home of self-striping civilization. Commander Data's neural network has been vacated. He has been returned to us unharmed and, with the help of the dpns, our computer core has been reconstructed in time for the experiment."
Twisted Limone self-striping sock yarn in PoppyFields colour
In other words:
  • FL's sweater required urgent surgery. 
  • my knitting was set to one side.
  • Sparkley crochet barnacles were applied to said sweater.
  • In a fit of fever, I purchased a ball of self-striping awesomeness.
  • two new sets of 2.5mm dpns have arrived and I have recommenced sock-production.


christinelaennec said...

"Our neural pathways have become accustomed to your sensory input." (Riker to Data, speaking of friendship) Very funny post, as usual... good for you.

Cazz said...

Captain, that's darn tooting fantastic. The Romuluns will not cope your mad skills. You'll have the running for cover.

Linda C said...

I am always such a STAR TREK fan. My second daughter was born near the end of June in 1967. I remember watching the show while I nursed my dear Elizabeth. We would switch sides at the mid-point of the show. So very funny that my sons, who were born after the first STAR TREK series have been the real fans of the later series. A couple of the boys and I used to read to read the fan fiction books.

Linda C.

Lynn Barnes said...

"Sparkly Barnacles" would be a good name for a naiad, perhaps. Or for a dancer who strips at a nautical bar ... think of her costume! Glittery shells and tassels. Mermaid hair. The mind reels.