Thursday, July 31, 2014

Doyathinkhesaurus? And other sock news.

When The Boy was a toddler his favourite t shirt was printed with rows of spoof dinosaurs.
Alongside such dino-dudes as the Spotiosaurus aand the Stripeosaurus, there were a couple of dodgy characters from the species Doyouthinkhesaurus.
Call me sad and nostalgic if you like, but in celebration of my son's graduation and coming of age, I am knitting him a pair of dinosaur socks.
No, he doesn't know about this.  Please don't tell him!  They are intended as a Christmas surprise.
I took the dinosaurs from the Brachiosockus Pattern, but adapted it to be wider and top-down instead of toe up.  I also decided to use a 3x1 rib on the leg for a better fit than plain stockinette.  So really the only feature remaining from the original is the dinosaur silhouette :)
Prior to being swept up by such prehistoric madness, I finished my first Wise Owl  Poppy sock.
I really like the look of it, though the heel shaping is very much narrower than I am used to and I am not sure it will be comfortable underfoot.  We'll see.
And before my August sock club package arrives, I ought to show you the July offering from the Knitting Goddess / Rachel Coopey collaboration.
This is the Maleficent colourway.  I really must cast on another of my sock club patterns - they are all so beautiful.


poppyinstitches said...

adore your dino stripy socks!!

Cazz said...

Love dinosaurs. Great looking socks.

Lynne said...

Gosh, the dinosaur socks are brilliant! Hope your son loves them.

brighid1 said...

Brilliant! Weirdly, I went to the best dinosaur museum I ever went to today, & was just thinking I want to knit something with dinosaurs on.