Saturday, July 12, 2014

FO: Pavilion Socks by Rachel Coopey

This weekend it is the Unwind Brighton festival.
I seriously considered going, but then it turned out to be Graduation season.
And I wouldn't feel right leaving FL home alone right now.
But even though I can't be there in person, I was determined to participate virtually.
There were several celebratory knitalongs I could have joined, but when I spotted a Rachel Coopey Mystery Sock KAL, with a design inspired by the architecture of Brighton Pavilion, there was no doubt this was the one I would choose.

Pattern:  Pavilion by Rachel Coopey in size Medium
Yarn:  Skein Queen  Squash, 100% superwash merino in the colour Turkish Delight, one of the club colourways from last year.
Needles:  2.5mm clover bamboo dpns

I kept up with the Mystery Knitalong on one sock... but it would have been just as easy to knit the two side-by-side as there was enough time between instalments of the pattern. 
If I had done this, I would certainly have finished them in time to be eligible to enter in the prize draw over on the Unwind Ravelry group board.
But I didn't... so I wasn't.  Shrugs.
Each instalment ended on a cliffhanger, like all the best serials.
I truly wasn't expecting that to happen!
Sock pattern design as story-telling - there is probably a thesis to be written there!
These are planned as a gift, so were deliberately made too big for me.  I have another pair of handknitted socks on underneath in the top picture! 
So what's next?  I am finishing off my other pair of Work-in-Progress socks: Solar Flair, also by Rachel Coopey.  I have passed the heel turn of sock two so there is a good chance I can polish them off soon.
Hooray!  Then I get to cast on something new!


The Foggy Knitter said...

Lovely socks (and lovely chair), I'm just finishing my second sock and looking at yours has made me realise I missed out round 55 of the second clue... which changes the flow from one stage to the other. Bother. Never mind!

Congratulations to your son too, the co-ordinating shawls are great and your dress is gorgeous.

LLBB said...

Cool pattern!

acharmofmagpies said...

What absolutely luscious socks! These are gorgeous. And the colour makes me weak at the knees!