Saturday, July 26, 2014

For the Love of Owls

I have fallen in love with an owl.
I mean, just look at the plump fluffy cuteness of him or her!  I imagine it weighs about the same as newborn baby, with the same balance between head and nappy... and if I were to pick it up, it would loll against my shoulder and go to sleep.
Or peck my eyes out and fly away in outrage?
I won't try it!
There are two of them, and the other night they were sitting right outside my window, chirruping away to each other for hours.

So my latest project, using "Wide Hilda's Basic Ribbed Sock" pattern (free on Ravelry) is now dubbed my "Wise Owl Sock".
Just because.
The yarn is Twisted Limone Tangy Self-striping, a 75% superwash wool / 25% nylon mix in the colourway Poppy Field.  The colours are a lot brighter in real life and the stripes are wonderfully even.  My only reservation about this yarn is that it is slightly hairy.  I prefer a smoother sock yarn.  But the colours are delicious.
I am having a serious attack of sock fever this summer.
I spotted two new Rachel Coopey Designs last night (while I was owl-watching with the other eye!) that I absolutely must knit:  Woodcutter's Socks and Hansel and Gretel.  They are both in a new Interweave publication called Enchanted Knits, which bears more than a passing thematic resemblance to the Unofficial HP Knits that caught my attention last year.
But before I get to those, I have downloaded the Stepaside pattern that is Top of the Pops over on Ravelry right now.  It is one of those man-friendly-looking designs that takes plain ribbing to another place by adding an interesting cablicious not-lace panel down the side. And it's free!
Of course, one link led to another and I ended up purchasing a skein of yarn from its designer at Dublin Dye Company - oops!
I'll show you that when it arrives - I will almost certainly use it to knit a pair of Stepasides for FL.

Meantime... I made a pair of knickers.
What's that you say?  They look just like a pair of Asda "10 for £5" pants?
Yes, they do.
And they took me the best part of 3 hours to make.
I won't be getting a job in a knicker factory anytime soon at that rate of production!
They are the Rosy Ladyshorts pattern from ClothHabit.  It is another free pattern.
I used the last few scraps of cotton jersey leftover from my black Plantain tee, and The Girl's off-the-shoulder top.
They are perfectly wearable, but that elastic is not the best (ebay) and I had to stitch and restitch it to stop it from rolling.  Until I find a source of better elastic I won't be wasting any more time on knicker-making.  I could have made a dress in that time!
By contrast, I do not resent a moment spent on my giant crochet blanket.
This is the final stripe from Issue 50.  I have three more rounds of purple to go, but probably only enough yarn for two.  It's fine.  I will just change colour.
I am definitely not buying any more yarn.
Got that?  NO MORE YARN!*

*Believe that and you will believe anything...


BippityBoo JewelrySupplies said...

Mysterious and fabulous Giant Crochet Blanket!

Very glad that you plugged away--as I am a very beginning crocheter and not a knitter, and we new kids on the block need to see and follow this kind of mysterious fortitude.

Plus, I bought a couple of the crochet magazine issues that you mentioned and discussed a while back. (Hear that Crochet Media Empire!)

Also, you should know, though I can't knit socks yet (saving for retirement?) I did buy "Crocheted Socks! 16 Fun-To-Stitch Patters"--Rehfeldt and Wood! All due to seeing all those great knitted socks! That is for, uh, after I get out of swatch phase.

Thanks for your blog!


Nicole said...

I've been reading your blog forever, and I'm super jealous of your sock making ability. I have never gotten the hang of knitting, so I'll just have to follow from afar.

christinelaennec said...

Your owls are amazing - as is your crochet blanket! Luckily you can cuddle the latter.

midlifecrisisalert said...

Kniting Wizardy from Interweave is the copyright free version of the magazine that shall not be named for copyright reasons. It's due to be released on August 3rd.

Donna Hensley said...

I love those owls too. :)

Ms Goodenough said...

Your tip a while ago for a novice sock knitter to use self striping was very wise but came after I cast on a lace and cable for my second ever pair :( Yours look great and must be very satisfying to knit. I may park mine and look for a quicker fix..
The blanket looks great and totally dodges the granny potential inherent in a crocheted blanket with those zinging colours.
Two-it two-woo to you and you (to the owls) :)

beate grigutsch said...

aww - owls!!!!
we only hear them at night in the trees, but never see. instead there is a dormouse living in our house and stealing fruits at night out of the kitchen.....

Jennifer Hill said...

I'm sure the knicks are far superior to the Asda variety! Thanks for the link. Love the owl too. I think they're very light actually as I believe the majority of their body size is feather.

Sew little time said...

owls are actually incredibly light. i have held one at a country fair type thing and you expect a bit of weight but there's just nothing! i think they have a lot of feathers compared to skeleton.

Lynn Barnes said...

Fireworks at the local Independence Day celebration were about as popular with the local owl population as they were with my cat. That is, I watched the cat slink off the sofa and glide down the basement stairs to a small, dark place. Then I went outside to stand on my porch and watch the show, and saw the owls glide from one tree to the next, seeking a small and dark and quiet place to hide. Ours are probably middling-sized barn owls, light buff in color. There's still a fair number of barns about, not all of them in active use.