Sunday, July 06, 2014

Round and Round

New acquisitions
You know me well enough by now to realise that if I write something like "I don't NEED to sew any more clothes", it means I am having a crisis of over-consumption.
Too.  Much.  Stuff.
It drives me crazy.
And the craziest thing is, it has the effect of making me want more, but different stuff.  So instead of having that wardrobe full of me-made rainbows?  I think I ought to take the whole lot to a charity shop and start again from scratch with a simple shop-bought "capsule" in denim blue, black and white.
But because I have told myself that I DON'T BUY CLOTHES, for 3 weekends in a row I have gone upstairs, spread out some black or white fabric from the stash... and then laid down on it in the sunshine like a lazy cat.  Oh dear.
After a while I get up, fold my fabric away and return downstairs to my knitting or my crochet.  And I am working on such BIG knitting and crochet projects right now that I feel alternately imprisoned and set free by the monotony of ploughing up and down or round and round the rows of stitches with no obvious growth to show for it.
49 before 50:  get my hair cut - did it!
It is 7 years since FL received his diagnosis (Multiple Myeloma).
In 3 weeks' time, it will be 10 years since I gave up my other life to come and live here with him.
Later this week, my son graduates from University.
Not long after that, my daughter will receive her A level results.
In November, I will be 50.
It feels like I am teetering on the verge of changing my life.
But right now I am going round and round in circles.  Or squares.
Mystery Crochet Blanket
Get a grip, Roo!
So little by little I am working on breaking the bad habits and making some good ones, those "49 before 50" ones.
49 vegan days?  Unlikely, but definitely more than 49 vegan main meals and more than 49 vegetarian days.
I have two fantastic new cook books,  "Honestly Healthy for Life" and "A Modern Way to Eat".  I have planned to blog about the first one for ages.  The Masala Roasted Vegetables are a new staple in this house.  I tried making double to last two days, but by the time I got home from work on day two, FL had polished off the leftovers!  Another surprising hit has been the Raw Green Curry with Courgette Noodles.  I had to steam the veg out of sympathy for FL's phossy jaw, but the flavours were still fresh and bright and amazing.  The sauce is made out of coconut milk blended together with cashew nuts and spices - yum!  Inevitably, there are several hard-to-source ingredients (rural Aberdeenshire, remember!) and the structure of the book is a bit annoying (does anyone need a section for Easter, really?) but there are lots of fresh new ideas in here.
Laura's Herbed Green Quinoa
My latest acquisition is "A Modern Way to Eat" by Anna Jones.  We tried it out for the first time last night, with "Laura's Herbed Green Quinoa".  OMG, I could live on this recipe!  I offered some goat's cheese on the side to answer the "But what are we having it with?" question.  That worked really well.   This book is absolutely packed with gorgeous-sounding vegy meals.  As a one-stop shopper I have had to re-think my supermarket choice.  Lidl has great citrus fruit, but the veg can be a bit limp and sad.  Big Tesco terrifies me (too big, too bright, too loud, too many people in 4x4s).  So I have started shopping at Asda, where the fruit and veg are both reliable and plentiful.  I would never buy their meat (huge cuts of flabby pork appear to be their forte) so it's a good place to shop if I want to go vegy!
So with renewed energy...I am sewing today :)
And I have a pair of socks to show you.
And the Tour de France is due to climb through Hebden Bridge at noon, so I will have to watch that on tv - woo hoo!
Zoom zoom, people!


Wakeymakes said...

Love the hair it really suits you. I am from Leeds and watching the Tour too K xXx

Tamsin said...

those recipes sound great! I am going to Finchingfield tomorrow to watch the Tour should be exciting - briefly! Really like the new hair!

verykerryberry said...

I am inspired by your recipe book choice, especially the Modern Veg one. I have similar crises of ownership of too much stuff- most of it just takes place in my head but fabric unfolding and folding also takes place too.

Lorna A said...

A bit older than you, but the same essential feelings of a life that has changed beyond my expectations, a sense of panic at where it is going or more precisely where it hasn't gone and a lot of fear in my case of how I'm not prepared for life in the future.

Lynn Barnes said...

Those days of chasing oneself around in circles are fallow days. Think of the farmers around you who leave a field or two unplanted or ungrazed, to let them rest ant for fertility to renew. Fallow times can be frustrating to live through -- you want to DO something, you want something to show for all your efforts. Fallow times come to an end, eventually, if not always on your preferred schedule.

As to your new cookbook, I am a practicing Christian and don't see the need for an entire chapter on Easter. It just means springtime, after all.