Saturday, August 09, 2014

FO: Wise Owl's Poppy Field socks

 My Summer of Socks is storming on!
I finished another pair for me - this time in self-striping yarn from Twisted Limone, a UK-based purveyor of woolly self-striping gobstoppers.  If you want some of this yarn, you will have to stalk her Etsy shop between 3pm and 4pm (UK time) on a Saturday afternoon.  (I don't know what's going on today - her update is already live and it's only 12.30pm!)
She only dyes 3 or 4 balls a week, and every one is unique, though she does custom orders if you spot something in her Sold archives that you can't live without.  I have a habit of "checking" every Saturday... just in case there is a heart-stopping colourway on the shelf.  This was my first and only purchase to date:  the Poppy Field colour.  It is a 75% superwash wool / 25% nylon base and is slightly hairy.
The stripes are pretty even and I took great care to start the second sock at the same part of the sequence as the first... but as you can see, I didn't quite manage an identical pair.
Sock One has a pink mini-stripe on the front of the foot...

While Sock Two has a broader stripe of lime green...

 But if I really cared about stuff like that I would knit "after-thought heels" instead of using patterns with traditional heel-flaps.
I started the heel flap on Sock One at the end of a black stripe, while the second one (with the same number of rows in the leg) started on the third row of lime green.
I used Kate Atherley's (free) pattern:  "Wise Hilda's Basic Ribbed Sock" over 60 stitches.
It has an unusually narrow heel-base, which sits underneath my foot rather than cupping the heel.  I am not sure if I like this or not:  I will wear this pair for a while before I decide whether or not to knit the pattern again.  I am very happy with the ribbing, which made them more fun to knit than a plain sock and shows off the stripes pretty well.
There is something almost Wicked-Witch-of-the-West about these socks!
I like them a lot!

P.S. Before you ask, those are indeed new shoes in the top picture.  Studded Doc Martens!  I found them on ebay.  The previous owner said she had only worn them once and they are in perfect condition.  I had hoped they would work with summer skirts but I need thick socks underneath to fit properly.  I am pleased to report I can drive in them and they are very comfortable - woo hoo!


LeslieAnn79 said...

Nice socks.

Maeve said...

Very cool socks and love the shoes. Try an insole in them to wear with tights.

Ingrid Kopka said...

Wow! When I first saw the photo, I was wondering: do the shoes show off the socks or do the socks show off the shoes (please don't try to say this fast out loud!! sounds like one of those tonguebreakers!)

Both are utterly gorgeous and lovely! I love these vivid colours!

I got cherry red DocMarten Lace-up shoes and they are sooo comfortable!

Wonderful! You did it again! :)
Have a good week ahead!
Ingrid xx

cutitoutstitchitup said...

Love the shoes!

I really like knitting with self striping or self patterning yarn. I can get an interesting sock with a simple rib or stocking stitch.
I always try hard to start the second sock in exactly the same position as the first but I normally find I'm a few rows out.

Lynn Barnes said...

Elizabeth Zimmerman maintained -- and I can verify -- that a 2 X 2 ribbed sock leg stays up better than any other stitch pattern. Love love love the singing colors on these thockies.

Daisy said...

I'm really glad you posted about the narrow heels - inspired me to try the pattern as my heels are tiny and the first sock is really comfy, so thank you!

Miss said...

The shoes! What shoes are they? I love them.
And the socks. You make so many lovely socks, I might have to learn to make them! Thanks for your lovely blog.

Roobeedoo said...

Hello Miss - the shoes are Doc Marten's :)

acharmofmagpies said...

These socks are made of happy and fun!