Sunday, November 23, 2014

15 before 51 in 2015

Thank you SO MUCH for your lovely birthday wishes!

I may be 50, but that's only the beginning of another decade.  So many things to do, places to go and people to meet.
I'll settle for things to do.
Things that are inspiring me right now:

Oh Bara's approach to sewing like back then.  And her wonderful calendar for 2015.

Lucky Lucille's recent spate of simple dresses.
A Little Red Riding Hood tunic, layered up with cosy knits and leggings?  Yes, please, to the extent of ordering the same fabric from the US!

And as for the leggings... ooh these please!  Yes, I do mean the stripey long johns.  With my hand-knitted socks and Doc Marten's?  Yup.
I really really want to crochet the Tove cardigan from Inside Crochet Issue 58.
I don't have suitable yarn, so have struck a deal with myself that once I use a sweater's quantity of wool from the stash, I can buy what I need for Tove.
Tove cardigan - image copyright Tailor Made Publishing
Yesterday I decided to rustle up a crochet market bag for a Christmas gift (top photo).  It is taking longer than expected and using up more leftover cotton aran weight (from my crochet blankie) than I anticipated, so maybe I will just be making one of these, and not two or three.  That's OK.

Today I need to sit down with my spinning wheel and see what I can do...!
I am sorely tempted by this Wool and Tattoos Club.
Everything I have seen from Gourmet Stash has been inspirational.  No danger of anemic pastel colours from there!

November 2014 sock club in SparkLynne base
I am trying to avoid being sucked into another sock yarn club.  I still haven't touched most of my 2014 Knitting Goddess / Rachel Coopey packages even though I love the yarns and patterns.  I can see that one of my 2015 goals should be to knit my way through my Ravelry queue, or at least the items for which I already have yarn and pattern.

I am not quite ready to write up a fresh hit list of personal goals, but a new journal has been ordered and I have lots of ideas and a sudden burst of energy.
Maybe the fog is lifting :)


Lorna A said...

A very belated happy birthday. I've been caught up in a fog of real life real problems and not interacting with people. I love the cardigan, the idea of mixing grey and lemon and wish I had just an ounce of your energy to set and achieve targets. Xxx

Sarah said...

Anemic pastel colours! Ha ha! I loved that!

beate grigutsch said...

stripey leggings must be in the air lately! have actually 2 pairs now - my husband calls them beetle legs :-)

The Textile Art Forum said...

Advice from a 57 year old: Make each day count, once you turn 50 the clock goes faster! Happy birthday and thank you for your lovely blog

deborah said...

A very happy belated birthday! I love reading your blog, which I discovered earlier this year while looking for help with a Merchant and Mills dress pattern. What a fabulous discovery that was! I too reach the heady heights of 50 this Christmas and your countdown has made the prospect much more palatable.Thank you!

madeinoxford said...

So glad to hear things are less foggy for you - it sounds like you're really getting inspired again!

Inside Crochet has come on HUGELY in the last year, and while the Tove cardigan isn't very me, it's had so much that is, I'm seriously considering subscribing again. I think magazine subscriptions are for me what sock clubs are for you - I really shouldn't but I really want to!

Karine said...

Oh well, after reading your post, I also ordered some Little Red Riding Hood fabric !
Joyeux Anniversaire !