Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Rainbows, Unicorns and the Big Red Doily

I navigate the internet with confusion and caution these days.
The web is littered with nostalgia for the way blogs used to be.
I found myself questioning "the point" as if I needed to justify the existence of this place I call Roobeedoo.
But I don't.
So I won't.
Here be rainbows.
And sheep.

And socks
With unusual triangular heel flaps...

And a Big Red Doily.
 I am getting better at spinning.

And FL's Freelite score has gone down to 130 this month.  Keep taking the Pomalidomide.
Woo hoo!
At this rate, you might see some sewing on this blog one day soon!

PS  Still looking for unicorns?  Me too.


northernknitter said...

Love the rainbow socks...and your positive outlook...yeah for FL...sending positive karma and energy on the Prairie winds this evening xoxo

Kaitlyn said...

Rainbow socks! These look so lovely and warm

Lynn said...

Thank you for being you.

MaryinTN said...

Great news on the mm front and lovely socks!

madeinoxford said...

Hi Roo, I was just thinking of you yesterday and that it had been a while since I'd 'seen' you. Hope things are okay - that's good news for FL, long may it continue.

As someone who had a Livejournal for many years before moving to Blogging (I still have one, I just don't use it!), needing to justify *why* I blogged has never occurred to me. It's something you do, like knitting or yoga or base jumping. If you blog, you blog. It's just what you do. And I love reading yours, so definitely keep being you, although if you do find those unicorns, I'd love to know :)

That rainbow yarn is so cool! As are all your other projects, but I love the yarn so much! How are you finding spinning? It's not something I've ever really taken up.

Janine said...

I love your down to earth blog just the way it is. So many blogs look like glossy advertorial magazines these days. Hopefully your husband is feeling better as the numbers improve.

Sojii said...

I rarely comment, but I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your blog. For all the reasons most people do, but mostly because it is real. Your are an inspiration and your makes always always make me smile.

CarolS said...

Hear hear to Sonji. Fabulous socks, spinning (though it is weaving that has always attracted me) and NEWs.
Long may it continue

Ms Goodenough said...

I like the idea "if you blog, you blog". That's just the way it is.
So you don't need to question or answer.

However, I, for one, always feel better after checking in- so I hope the general blog-vibe doesn't inhibit you.

Great sheep and socks- start to finish!


Margaret said...

Oh, don't give up this blog! I don't comment much but I always read it. You are a breath of fresh air from a land that looks lovely. Being a knitter, I can appreciate your work.

Lizzi said...

Greatto hear from yu - you had gone a wee bit quiet which was - well, disquieting.

Keep blogging.

Lizzi said...

Sorry about the typos. Not feeling my best today.

violicious said...

I really enjoy reading your blog! I too was nervously checking this week. Glad the numbers were good! And there are no unicorns, keep posting!!

velosewer said...

Your still knitting and being you so that's a good sign. The sewing will happen when you're ready and it will wait patiently for you.

velosewer said...

Your still knitting and being you so that's a good sign. The sewing will happen when you're ready and it will wait patiently for you.