Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Socking with Gingerbread Aliens

Happy Christmas Eve to all of you!
I have an unexpected Finished Object to share:  my Inge socks.
These were from the Rachel Coopey / Knitting Goddess Little Bit Club, September edition.
It is a lovely pattern, which reminds me of a summer seashore - just the thing to wear on a wild December night by the woodburner!
Those travelling cables caused me a lot of stress:  I couldn't seem to find the best way to divide the stitches across my dpns and kept dropping stitches.
I must have knit the pair twice before I finished.

So when it came to choosing a project for the Christmas Eve Cast On with Little Bobbins Knits, I was determined to keep it simple.
This is the Regia yarn I bought after seeing a pair of Susan B Anderson's socks (Colorations 3311).
These will be my first-ever vanilla socks - yes, really!
I can't wait to see the Fake Isle patterning start to appear, all by itself!

I have lots more to show you, but my internet connection has been sporadic and I don't want to push my luck.

So I will leave you with a quick taste of our Christmas Gingerbread aliens :)
Every one has a character all of its own.
That's Bartholomew in the middle. He's a bit of a bully.
Who knew raisin eyes could look so creepy?
They are delicious though!

The recipe is from the Hummingbird Bakery, here.


AnnaPrasad said...

Those socks are just amazing, I love everything about them. What can I say about the gingerbread men...spooky. Happy Xmas

Emma said...

Those socks are fabulous! Truly.
Isn't it about time you mastered magic loop?! I was resistant for ages, but would now never go back to double pointed needles.
Ace looking gingerbread. Has Bartholomew met his destiny yet? I bet he was delicious. :0)

Happy Christmas!

Jennifer Hill said...

Merry Christmas!! Jen

Cazz said...

Merry Christmas Roo. Don't always comment, but always read.
Love the yellow and blue mix of the socks.

Hope you and the family have a lovely holiday time.


Miss said...

Gorgeous socks!
Peace be with you and FL and your family this Christmas.
Thanks for your wonderful blog!

Lilly's Mom said...

I found your blog via "Writing from Scotland". I love the Inge socks you made - great pattern and color choice. I just finished a pair of simple socks from Susan B. Anderson. You can find them on my blog - they were a fast and easy pattern to knit. I wish you a very Happy New Year!

jessica said...

Those are insanely beautiful, Roo. Hoping you've had a lovely holiday season (with a couple days still to come!) Sending you lots of hugs and love from across the ocean. XOXO.

poppyinstitches said...

Merry Christmas, beautiful socks!