Monday, December 08, 2014

Yokes and Curls and All The Things

We are barely into December, but already I am excited about planning for 2015.
This is probably Significant Birthday Whiplash.
2015 will be the year I knit from stash.  I know I have said that before, but this time it doesn't feel like a penance, it feels like a reward! There are so many lovely yarns in there, just waiting for the right project to come along, and there has been a recent avalanche of "right projects" added to my Ravelry queue.

You might recognise this project?  Yes, I have returned to my Kex Blanket.
If I persevere I could finish it this year :)
After that?

I mentioned to FL that there are 7 cardigans I want to knit.  He was puzzled:  "What are you going to do with 7 cardigans?"  Um... wear them?
No, he doesn't get it, does he?  So I muttered something about how it takes me 18 months to knit a garment, so not to worry.
But honestly?  I would definitely enjoy owning and wearing 7 handknitted cardigans!
Cockatoo Brae and Epistrophy top my "Yokes" list, and I have appropriate yarn at the ready, so I will commit to those for the time being.
Kolmarden Jacket
Although... I have a yearning to knit Kolmarden from the latest Knitscene, using black shetland wool held together with neon pink sock yarn...?

In Sock Plan Land, I still have several pairs of my 2014 Little Bit Club socks to knit.

Final instalment of the Little Bit Club
I changed my club to the SparkLynne base for the final 3 months, and now that it comes to it, I am reluctant to "waste" the sparkles on socks!
So I might shake things up and mis-match yarns and patterns.  Who says I have to use the "right" yarn for the pattern when I have an alternative available?
I am still working on my second Inge sock.

Second Inge sock
I had hoped by now to be immersed in test-knitting shawls for an up-and-coming designer, but I clearly have not played the game correctly, and after initial enthusiasm for my skillz, the designer in question ignored my Ravelry PMs.
I suspect my lack of social media activity may have marked me down as an Old Fogey.  And the designer in question probably noticed that I hadn't actually knitted any of their previous designs, and selected test-knitters from the existing fan base.  I guess that's fair.  Shrugs.
But yeah, I'm disappointed.  I will just have to suck it up and buy the patterns when they are released.
Totally worth it - they are fab.
Meantime, I have developed a serious thing for Hunter Hammersen's new Curls collection.
In my head, I will smash through my stash of luxury single skeins knitting through this book of delicious designs.
My first Curl:  Infuscate
Perfect gift-knitting too!  (Not for this Christmas obviously.)
I have the e-book.  I was all set to treat myself to the print copy, but the shipping cost was extortionate, doubling the cost of the book.  So I have printed out the whole thing to add to my ring binder of "2015 Knits"... because we all know that I ignore my Ravelry queue, but I can't avoid the folder on the window sill next to my knitting seat!
I started with the trickiest pattern in the book:  Infuscate.
It's a doozy.  For knitting in daylight only.
Prehistoric Barn-Raising Square
Other stuff
Who remembers my Barn Raising Squares blanket?
It is hilarious to think that I expected to knit one square a week and be finished in a year!
But I am besotted by blankets right now.  So who knows - I might get back to it, and clear out all my sock-weight scraps in the process.
This Time I Mean It.
Gosh - that sounds a lot like a plan!


Lizzi said...

Sounds like one of my plans. If I could get a tenth of it executed I would be happy. Good luck!

Birgitte said...

Too bad about the shawl testing falling through.. they passing over one hell of a talented knitter! Tell you what - if I'm ever an up-and-coming shawl/knitwear designer, I'd be honored to have to test for me! ;) Sounds like lots of good plans - I'm seriously eying my fabric stash and almost ready to declare a stash-only year! But then something really good always creeps up. Hmm... maybe I should start with the stash-fabric, see if I can envision any sort of project I'd be happy with from it, and if yes - make that thing, and if no - get rid of the fabric!

Sarahel said...

Impressive planning. Epistrophy is top of my 'Yokes' list too. Grateful for the link to the 'Curls Collection'. I had heard about it, on a podcast I think, but not seen the really lovely designs.

madeinoxford said...

You are not alone! I'm determined to make 2015 the year of the stash, both fabric and yarn, although it's also possible that I plan to do some sneaky buying at the end of 2014 for specific projects I want to get done.

white_hart was gathering some of us together for this purpose on Twitter yesterday, and suggesting a Ravelry support group - shall I ping you if it comes to anything?

I am quite determinedly NOT looking at the curls book, despite every podcast on my iPod raving about it. It's bad enough that I bought Yokes despite being nowhere near good enough to knit a jumper yet! But I'll look forward to seeing what you make of/from it through the year, along with everything else. I really should get my own list in order :)

CarolS said...

Ambitious lady, best of luck.

Violet said...

I have too many cardigans, and yet I feel the need for more. so I will keep making them until I stop wanting to.

Gisella said...

I love knitting plans! Yours sound wonderful. All round good luck with them! I'll keep my fingers crossed.

A Ravelry support group actually sounds like just the thing that I should have been looking for but didn't know I was. I'll go and have a look if there is anything like it already.

Thanks for the suggestion!