Sunday, January 18, 2015

Tossing the Stash

Clockwise from top left:
Garment stash
Sock Yarn remnants
Shawl stash
Sock stash

I have joined the Stash Heap Challenge group over on Ravelry and although I am crap at the interactive elements of social media, it has been fantastic motivation to get myself organised.
The main goal of the group is to:  challenge yourself to find projects to knit in 2015 that use the things you already have!

My first step was to understand the balance of my stash.
In my head, it was about 50% sock yarn, 25% garment yarn and 25% muddle.  It was quite a surprise to discover that the garment yarn fills my largest plastic tub and that I have to sit to the lid to get it closed!

When I really interrogated what I have, there was far less sock-appropriate yarn in there than I thought.
In fact, my shawl stash outstrips it 5:3
This is a good thing:  I have far more shawl plans than I have sock plans!

The change of balance is partly due to my realisation that I don't want to knit 100% wool socks any more.  They felt, they pill, they develop holes, they shrink - it is such a waste of beautiful Malabrigo Sock to use it for actual socks!
This is a picture of "everything else":  a smattering of DK, sportweight and aran wools, with the cotton leftover from my giant crochet blanket.
For the time being it is sharing a tub with my sock yarn.

This was the only yarn which hadn't made it into my Ravelry stash.
It is Manos Silk Blend Fino and it is destined to become a Pavonated Curl.

I plan to make a folder of all the patterns I intend to knit in 2015, matching them up with stash yarn as far as possible.  But that's a job for another day!
Now it's time to sit down with my Kex Blanket and do some actual knitting :)


Rachel said...

You have some beautiful yarns! Sadly, mine is largely made up of cheap DK that was purchased for cheap and cheerful projects. I do like the idea of creating a folder of patterns to knit - I'm sure it'd help me to be more productive with sewing as well as knitting!

notes from home (Edith) said...

I love the organisation of your stash, mine is more like organised chaos at the moment and a pattern folder sounds a great way to match pattern to yarn. Good luck with your 2015 knitting plans.

Dichohecho said...

That last one is especially glorious. I need to dig out my stash from its various hiding places and plan with it. I've got lots of exciting wool that came as gifts which I haven't allowed myself to use yet due to lack of skill.

Lucy said...

I am in the process of organising my stash myself (full blown Cold Sheep here) and I too encountered the garment quantity volume issue.

I think in our heads, a garment quantity of worsted and a single skein of sock yarn take up the same amount of space. Each is a single entry on Ravelry and each is for one project. But of course the garment quantity takes up more space - after all, jumpers take more space to store than socks!