Sunday, February 22, 2015

I Don't Want No Scrubs

It was a helluva week at work.
All my pent-up rage and frustration was put to good use - I stuck pins in things, I cut things up and I knit up a storm.
And there was some retail therapy too.

Where shall I begin?
I finished my Caesious Curl, out of Highland Handmades Sugar Maple Sock yarn in the Fruju colourway.  It is blocking now.
I reserved enough of the yarn to make a square for my late lamented Barn Raising Quilt.
I started this project in November 2009.
No, that is not a typo.  8 squares knitted in 5 years. - what a speed demon!
All the cool kids are making Barn Raising Squares right now.  Let's see how long they stick at it, eh? ;)
This yarn is so  lovely I wanted to make sure I used every last scrap.
I have been working steadily on my second Neon Monkey sock.  I am saving the final push for the hospital waiting room on Tuesday.
The smell of the finish line was my excuse for buying another skein of Regia self-patterning sock yarn.
If you haven't come across Arne and Carlos's limited edition Regia collaboration yet, I suggest you act  quickly - it is selling out fast!  I fell for this Summer Night colourway (3657) and scoured the internet to find a ball - from McAree yarns in Edinburgh.  I ordered it on Friday and it was with me on Saturday - you can't do better than that!  It is hard to tell from this picture, but I have every reason to believe it is going to knit up to look like Norwegian colourwork = love!

Also in this week's post:  a new project bag from Sewn By Lindsay on Etsy.  Her USP is a clear plastic window with a card inside to note project details upon - clever idea!
I have been ogling this brogues and ditsy-print fabric combination for months, watching the currency conversion fluctuate up and down until I finally could wait no longer.
I am calling this is my Albert Nobbs bag.
It is just the right size for a one-skein shawl project.

But I know what you are really waiting to see - the sewing!
Yes, folks, it's true.  I sewed something.  Woo hoo!
This is the Solo Top from Oki-Style patterns.

I used a simple cotton lawn in a dangerously uniform-like forest green.
It is a colour I love, but in this style it has a distinct whiff of disinfectant.
I don't want No Scrubs
This is my prototype / muslin.  The real thing will be made of silk.
Darts on the right side!
I know, exciting, right?
Could this blog actually be starting to get interesting again?

But if anyone can solve the mystery of how ugly the back looks, please let me know...?

Quite apart from the fact that I need a haircut - what is that v-shaped fold doing there?
Just as well it's too cold here to wear it without a cardigan.


beate grigutsch said...

it looks like hanging shoulders - but only in the back. take a look at the pattern and compare front and back. or the neck lines of front and back don´t fit right together......
and to look less uniform maybe a teeny bit more skin on front neck and arms....
if you need more help - leave a comment on my blog.

Jne4sl said...

It seems to me if you held just the shirt back in your hands and pulled the V open progressively more you'd naturally get that pleat that is forming on your back. So I'd guess somehow the form of the V isn't being maintained while worn. The shape of the front neck seems to sit correctly and hold the shoulder seems correctly in place, but perhaps the shape of your shoulders isn't matching the pattern design. Maybe the excess can be smoothed to the shoulder seam and taken out there. A softer fabric should improve things too.

liza jane said...

Ooh, I'm excited to see you make up one of those patterns. I've been intrigued ever since you posted about that coat. I have no good advice on the folds, only that I had a similar issue with a v-neck top I made.

poppyinstitches said...

nothing a snip and a press can't mend, will be fabulous in silk!

colesworth said...

I once sewed my daughter a smock top in 'scrubs green'. I recently found this 'tudor' comic cover of TLC's scrubs by Frisky and Mannish (but my favourite cover is their vaudeville Pussy cat dolls 'beep')

Galica said...

Hi (long time lurker leaves a comment - there should be a code for that like lol - ltllac?}

Judging by the way that the lines all radiate from the point of the v, I suspect you may not have clipped right to the point? A clip and a press and all may be well. It's a nice style.

Roobeedoo said...

Thank you! It was only after I read your comments that I realised I had "fudged" the point of the back v when I misunderstood the instructions. I clipped it, yes, but then I stitched it to reinforce the point - I am pretty sure that second stitching line is what is causing the problem.

Amphibiaknitter said...

I love the back on that shirt. The back does not look like scrubs. (Or maybe it looks like Sexy Nurse scrubs).